Paddy Harvesting Machine Price

India is an agriculture-based country. In India, 50%+ of the population is involved in agriculture. For the farming sector, many types of farm machines are manufactured by companies. The mini harvester is one of them. It is well known for harvesting Paddy, Wheat, and Soybean. A mini combine harvester is a flexible machine suitable for effectively harvesting crops in the fields. The combination of reaping, winnowing, and threshing is called a harvesting machine. The mini combine harvester has all the quality and features of implements.

The brush cutter is a portable gardening tool used by single person which is driven by a small petrol engine, the transmission shaft drives the blades to ful fil the mission Multipurpose useful for harvesting wheat, rice, grass, soy etc Transfer mode – Centrifugal friction clutch Reduction rate -17:22 The blade rotation direction- Counterclockwise Hard Shaft length -1375mm Petrol engine type -40B-3BF Displacement – 42.7cc Engine power – 1.5KW/6500-7000r/min Fuel Oil -Two stroke engine oil=25:1

Uses/benefits of Paddy Harvesting Machine

 1. Small harvester can harvest small area, shorten the labor time, widely used for harvesting crops of wheat, rice, barley, hemp, beans and so on.

     2. Change the corresponding tool installed on bottom plate and safety protective cover, shrubs, grass, reeds and tea branches pruning and garden to harvest.

    3.Small harvester equipped with gasoline powered powerful, convenient and practical, high efficiency, easy to carry and field land operations.

Features of Paddy Harvesting Machine

1.This rice harvester with good durability, which can use as a professional commercial mowing , compared with ordinary brush cutters , start very lightweight , U -shaped double handle.

2.Simple operation and convenient, it can be equipped with a variety of tools , a wide range, for any complex environment where slopes among the trees , ditches , narrow , stone ground and so on mower unable job.

 3.The product is a high performance , high-powered , easy to operate, economic and durable, low fuel consumption , the garden is trim, as well as a good helper for clearing roadside or weeds and other garden jobs.
4.Applicable in the plains , hills, terraced fields, such as the size triangle plots and muddy fields, for harvesting wheat , rice, beans , reeds, barley, fish, grass , cane and other crops glycosides , simple operation and high efficiency.

Product Specification

Cutter Bar Width7 feet
Rotor Speed2500-3000 rpm
Grain Tank Capacity>1100 litres
ModelAU2.01-C Plus
ApplicationPadd,Wheat Etc.
Body MaterialSteel Iron
Cooling Systemwater pump
Discharge Height9 feet
Emptying MethodHopper system
Front Tyrecrawled wheel
Fuel Consumption10 Ltrs
No Of Blades128
No Of Cylinder4
BrandAgri Union
Power70-90 HP
Cutting Platform7 feet
Drive Wheelscrawled wheel
Feeding Capacity4kg/second
Minimum Order Quantity1

Prices of Paddy Harvesting Machine:


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