Paper Egg Crate

Paper egg crates are durable and biodegradable. They provide maximum protection for eggs against mechanical damage during transportation and storage. A bundle of paper egg crates contains 100 pieces of egg crates. Eggs are essential for every family’s diet for it’s high nutritional value, however egg shells are very fragile so it is very important to handle them with extreme care during carrying, transportation and sales. We offer egg producers and distributors with superior packaging egg crates. Whether you are a poultry farmer or an egg distributor looking for high quality egg packaging, you will find a great selection on our store. either the plastic or Waterproof paper egg crates. They are eco friendly and can be recycled.


  • Unique interlocking design assures firm, secure stacking of baskets.
  • The straight sidewall makes it easy to pack eggs without fear of breakage.
  • Designed for maximum air circulation to enhance rapid reduction of egg temperatures in all coolers.
  • Superior to wire and other egg baskets and does not feature moving parts.
  • Clearly marked serrated edge indicates proper basket alignment for stacking and nesting.
  •  Material:   Custom printed colored egg cartons are made of recyclable carton paper,  enviromental friendly, 100% biodegrable and compostable.
  • Color can be customized  egg cartons are water proof and shock-proff
  •  Various characteristic design of custom printed colored egg cartons for both primary egg and normal egg can prevent eggs from being broken.
  • The custom order paper egg cartons are applied for eggs 40g-66g weight.
  •  Drop test:   Egg carton have pass drop test with eggs inside.


Usage/ApplicationPaper Pulp Eggs Box
Size6 Nos
Packaging TypePaper Pulp Egg Tray / Box
Minimum Order Quantity5000 3 Nos


$19.98 – $39.98

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