There is a veterinary formulation of paracetamol that can be prescribed to your dog, and your Vet may decide to prescribe this under some circumstances. This formula is safe to give to a dog but it is important to make sure that you follow your Vet’s dosage very carefully and report any problems such as vomiting, difficulty breathing, drooling, dullness or a painful tummy. Cats however are extremely sensitive to the toxic effects, and so paracetamol must not be given to cats under any circumstances.

Never give human medications to your pet unless specially directed to do so by your Vet. There are other drugs that have similar beneficial effects but which are safe for your pet and licensed for use in animals. It is important to seek the advice of your Vet if you think your pet is in pain and to follow their instructions carefully. Always keep all medications in a secure place, out of reach of your pet.


Paracetamol is the generic name for a painkiller that contains the active ingredient called acetaminophen and is widely used in the UK to ease mild pain and lower slightly raised temperatures. It can be bought off the shelf in many places and does not need a prescription. This can lead to many people overlooking the potential risks that can accompany it’s incorrect use. Even in humans, taking too much paracetamol, either in one dose or over time, can be very dangerous and should only ever be taken in the recommended doses. It tends to get to work quickly and wear off within a couple of hours and only rarely cause side effects in Humans.

Paracetamol is sometimes prescribed for your dog however the dosages will reflect the weight of your best friend. Giving a 500mg tablet to a Miniature Poodle for example, could cause ill effects. It is unlikely to be fatal but could case damage to the liver and red blood cells so always better to be safe than sorry. Obviously here at My Best Friend Dog Care we focus on pets of the canine variety but we also have a furry feline named Charlie. Giving as little as a 250mg dose to a cat is very likely to be fatal!

Causes of Paracetamol Poisoning in Dogs

For humans, paracetamol, otherwise known as acetaminophen is usually safe to use as a pain reliever. However, for dogs, paracetamol can be deadly when ingested. Toy breed dogs seem to be more susceptible to paracetamol poisoning simply because they are smaller and it takes a smaller dose of paracetamol to cause toxicity.  Red blood cell abnormalities can occur as well as kidney and/or liver damage. In most cases, kidney and liver damage is not reversible. Ingestion of large doses of paracetamol can also cause coma or death. Quick treatment is essential for your dog’s full recovery without permanent damage to the liver or kidneys.

Features of Paracetamol For Dogs

If you were to give your dog paracetamol, you’d risk bringing on a number of ailments and conditions.

Some of these include the following:

  • Breathing problems
  • Stomach issues
  • Vomiting
  • Becoming withdrawn and dull
  • Excessive drooling

In certain cases, this drug could prove to be highly toxic or even deadly if you were to give it to your dog. This depends a lot on the size of your canine: Larger dogs would need to ingest a higher dosage for it to have a negative effect than smaller dogs. This is also why vets strongly advise that you never give this drug to cats. If a small dog were to ingest this medication, there’s a chance that they might suffer from liver damage or have issues with their red blood cells.

Prices of Paracetamol For Dogs

$11.98 – $20.95

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