Pasquali Walking Tractor

Pasquali Walking Tractor is a tractor that is designed to walk. It has a seat for a driver, and the seat can be adjusted so that it can be moved up and down. The walking tractor has four legs, which are made of metal. The legs are connected to each other by metal rods.

The Pasquali Walking Tractor is a revolutionary device, and it’s good to see it coming to market. It’s been developed by Pasquali, a company that has been around since the early 20th century and is now a leading developer of agricultural equipment. The Pasquali Walking Tractor was designed to help farmers clear fields for planting, cultivate soil and harvest crops. It can also be used for other tasks such as moving rocks or digging holes.

The machine has two sets of legs that move independently from one another, allowing it to walk in any direction without having to turn around or change directions. The legs are powered by hydraulic pistons that are controlled by an onboard computer system that monitors their position in space as well as their speed and torque output levels.

The Honda Pasquali Walking Tractor is an ideal tool for farmers. Its lightweight design and recoil engine make it easy to maneuver and a great way to save money. The Honda Pasquali Walking Tractor has enough horsepower to drive almost any implement. It can even be towed behind a car. Balance is an important consideration when buying a walking tractor, and it is not meant to be used as a lawn mower.


The Honda Pasquali Walking Tractor is an excellent machine for gardeners and farmers. Its compact size, efficient engine, and high-performance tires make it an excellent choice for a variety of tasks. This machine is also compatible with a variety of attachments. The following are some of the most important features of the Honda Pasquali Walking Tractor. You can also choose to buy an attachment package, such as a front loader.

The Honda Walking Tractor is available in two different types of transmission. The manual transmission utilizes a lever and clutch to change gears. Manual transmissions are more affordable but lack the responsiveness and balance of power that a hydraulic transmission has. Listed below are the main features of each transmission. Choose the best one for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between manual and hydraulic transmissions.

The Professional Series model has several advantages over other walking tractors. The smallest model, the A1012, is light and easy to maneuver. It’s three forward and two reverse gears enable users to attach implements and a front loader. It has adjustable steering and suspension for added comfort. The seat can also be adjusted so that it fits your height. It also has a rear mounting option, and it is powered by a Honda GX390 engine.

The BCS Walking Tractor is a highly functional and versatile tool. Its fuel-free system eliminates the need for fuel, prolonging the tractor’s life. Customers around the world have been extremely satisfied with the BCS Walking Tractor, which can perform multiple tasks on a farm, including planting and incorporating green manure into the soil. With its many useful features, this walking tractor is an excellent investment for any farmer or gardener.

El walking tiller

The G 55 is equipped with quick coupling, which enables the attachment to be quickly and easily attached to the walking tractor. There are no mounting bolts required, and the tiller has tempered steel tines measuring 26 cm. The central knife is adjustable in three different positions. The tiller has an active coupling system, which means it stops instantly when the lever is released and stops instantly while the engine is running. When the tiller is not in use, the tractor cannot be shifted into reverse.

The patented PowerSafe safety system is designed to prevent the operator from being injured by the implement if the operator accidentally releases the handlebar while working. This safety feature enables the operator to release the handlebars without restarting the engine while maintaining comfort and safety. Moreover, the PowerSafe system makes it possible to quickly disengage the PTO and resume activities, despite being in a work zone.

The G45 walking tractor is equipped with a Kohler 3000 petrol engine or a Subaru EX17 petrol engine. It has a strong engine protection guard. It has a large range of attachments that can be attached to it. You can find a complete list of attachments on pages 20 and 21 of the Pasquali walking tractor catalog. Other optional accessories include a 180-degree turn-wrest plow, a reversible handlebar, weights, and a reversible rear handlebar.

Another type of walking tractor that is popular with hobbyists is the Carrarino model M 130. This model has an oil-immersed gearbox, two forward and two reverse speeds, and a rotary hoe for easy harvesting. These tools can be mounted anywhere on the tractor, making them versatile for various tasks. If you are planning on using the machine for farming purposes, it is important to consider the reversible handles and the rotary hoe’s size.

Honda GX390

The Honda GX390 Pasquali Walking tractor is a great choice for farmers and gardeners alike. Its dual-speed design gives you the option to choose between low and high speeds, making it easy to adjust the settings to fit your needs. Its shuttle-style forward/reverse controls allow you to select a speed that suits your needs best. In addition, the tractor also features a BCS Advanced Handlebar System, which allows you to easily change between seven vertical and three horizontal positions. Another unique feature is the integrated front loader attachment.

Another feature of the Pasquali walking tractor is its gear transmission, which helps regulate the power that is transmitted to the wheels. It also helps manage the torque that the tractor produces, allowing it to move faster in certain applications. Lower gears help the tractor go faster, but aren’t fast enough to cut grass. Different transmission types have varying gear reduction ratios and gear numbers. Some have three gears, while others have only one.

Another benefit of the Honda Walking Tractor is its comfort. The steering handles are cushioned and adjust to a variety of heights. This tractor can also be locked into three different sideways positions. Its low center of gravity allows it to maneuver easily, even on uneven surfaces. And its automatic transmission and adjustable seat height and suspension provide a comfortable experience while operating the vehicle. And with so many features to offer, the Honda Walking Tractor is sure to please.

The Honda Walking Tractor is an environmentally friendly option that also uses less fuel. Unlike other walking tractors, it is easy to maintain. This tractor is built to last and offers exceptional performance. A Honda Walking Tractor also comes with many useful features, including a hydrostatic steering system and automatic transmission. You can choose from a Honda GX390 Pasquali Walking Tractor based on the specifications you need.

KAMCO PowerSafe(r) hydraulic clutch

The Pasquali Walking Tractor is a unique machine that combines the benefits of a traditional tractor with a walking platform. Designed for use in construction sites, this tractor is capable of performing various loader and ballast transport operations. In addition to ballast transport and loading operations, the Pasquali Walking Tractor is also ideal for moving sand and other materials. It is highly adaptable and can be configured to meet your specific requirements. The manufacturer of the Pasquali Walking Tractor, BCS, is based in Milan, Italy. The company acquired Pasquali in 1999 and continues to manufacture tractors all over the world.

The PowerSafe hydraulic clutch on the Pasquali walking tractor has been developed by BCS, the exclusive manufacturer of BCS tractors. It is a world-exclusive design that guarantees comfort and maximum reliability when operating the tractor. It is ideal for working in a variety of environments, including cultivated and uncultivated lands, and is easy to maintain. The BCS Group maintains seven service dealers across the United States, four regional distributors, and national headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

The KAMCO PowerSafe walking tractor is available in different models with different features. The KAMCO PowerSafe 749 is one of the best-selling units, with three working speeds and differential drive capability. This tractor also allows you to make tighter turns than previous models, although it does not have as high a transport speed as the other models. The 749 is the least expensive unit in the professional series and is far more flexible than the Harvester series models.

The KAMCO PowerSafe hydraulic clutch for Pasquanti walking tractor is an excellent choice for hobby farmers, gardeners, and individuals who require light-duty tractors. Its hydraulic clutch is maintenance-free and has virtually unlimited duration. The hydraulic clutch is patented and meets the EN 709/A4 regulation. This tractor is easy to use and can be used by individuals or hobby farmers alike.

KAMCO PowerSafe(r) sliding-type key gear with synchronizer operating twelve speeds

The KAMCO PowerSafe(r) walking tractor features a hydraulic clutch, which has a world-exclusive design that ensures maximum reliability and comfort while operating the tractor. Suitable for a range of farming tasks and cultivated and uncultivated land, this tractor is also easy to maintain. The BCS Group has seven servicing dealers and four regional distributors nationwide. Its national headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon.

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