Pepper is usually manually threshed, which a cumbersome and time-consuming job is done by women. During threshing, the berries may get damaged and the threshing percentage is also low. This machine is used to thresh the pepper berries both mechanically and manually. Innovator has developed the thresher which is used to thresh the pepper berries mechanically as well as manually. The thresher consists of a feeding hopper made of an iron sheet, a rotating wire-loop type threshing drum and a concave metal sheet with a perforated bottom, all of which are mounted on the main frame. Power from an electric motor is transmitted through the V-belt and pulleys to the threshing drum. The machine also has the facility of manual operation. The harvested pepper spikes are directly fed to the hopper through the rotating drum. The threshed pepper passes down through the perforations and gets collected at the berry outlets.

Joycan millet thresher is my company developed new products, and received three national patents. Millet thresher JC-120simple operation, stable performance, users from turnrow can directly threshing grain harvest back, do not need to be dry. Equipped with 7.5 ~ 11 kw motor, an hour can wet millet threshing 2000kg, take off the net rate of 99%.  

Features of Pepper Thresher Machine

1. The working grain hulling machine has the soft grinding process, extremely low breaking rate.
2. The grain sheller can be used as an independent machine, and can be used in combination with the tractor. It can be integrated with the specific needs of the existing design.
3. The grain huller has different sizes for your choice.
4. This model is a large grain hulling machine. It is high efficiency. Please enter the room to check it if you need small size.
5. Grain hulls have high quality.

Specification of Pepper Thresher Machine

Product namePaddy and wheat thresher
Model NO.GT40
Matched power3-5HP
Rated rotary speed1700r.p.m
Rated voltage220V

Prices of Pepper Thresher Machine


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