The ‘Individually Customised Tag’ allows you to individually customise tags that are supplied with a matching coloured male button. It is perfect for those wanting to individually customise tags, for your kids school bags, or to give your animals their very own personalised tag. Ear tags are a must for cattle ranchers, it insures you can track, prevent theft, and control disease outbreak within your herd. It’s important to have the right size ear tag and an appropriate style for your environment and the type of animal. Ear tags can be used with a standard stud, premium metal tipped stud, or our snag-resistant Daisy stud . Our ear tags provide all the options you will need for visual identification of your herd! Did you know that yellow, white and orange are the top three favorite colors from our recent customer poll?

f you would prefer for your tags to come with a Keyring instead of the Male Button, please go to the Tag with Keyrings page and select the corresponding product.e offer Allflex and Destron Fearing ear tags as well as EID readers, Allflex syringes, and a wide variety of accessories. Custom Cattle Tags provides cattle producers the opportunity to purchase high quality visual ear tags at an affordable cost. Visual tags are the foundation of most identification programs. Check out the Allflex A tags (one piece tag) or Destron Fearing two piece tags in a variety of sizes and colors. Additionally 840 tags, visual, RFID and ChoiceSet can be purchased by producers who have a Premises ID. You have options…Customize the Destron Fearing two piece tag to fit your breeding program by adding text lines (front and back), logos (front and back), or customized management numbers on each tag. Our interactive web-site features easy to follow, step by step instructions and provides a preview or mock-up of your tag proof. See a rendition of your logo, text and management numbers before placing your order.

Uses/benefits of Personalized Cattle Ear Tags:

  • Large Size 75*60mm / 2.95” * 2.36”, Bright color, Laser printing numbers, easy to recognize.
  • New TPU material, soft and durable, high and low temperature resistance.
  • Matching with universal ear tag applicator. Used for managing cattle, cow, calf, ox, etc.
  • Standard printing is 001-1000. Pls leave us a message is u need personalized tags.
  • Customized NAME, LETTERS, NUMBERS could be supplied. Contact us if u need

Features of Personalized Cattle Ear Tags:

  • Cattle ear tags size is 7.5*6 cm, 3*2.4 inch. Detail size as picture shows.
  • Color is gorgeous and never decolorization, easy to Identify on the livestock ears
  • Tags is marked number 001-100, easy to manager your cattle /cows
  • Overall is TPU materials, no need to worry it will harm to animals
  • Can be easily matched with most of ear tag applicators in the market

Specification of Personalized Cattle Ear Tags:

Name r cattle ear tags for livestock cattle
ApplicationSheep, cow,cattle, pigeon, chicken etc.Identification,

Pet health care
Packing 100pcs/bag,25bags/carton
company certificateISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

Prices of Personalized Cattle Ear Tags:

$58.09 – $155.09

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