The Perten Moisture Meter is a manual Moisture Meter which analyses the moisture levels and specific weight within 20 seconds. The portable and robust system allows farmers to sample check their grain quality levels easily straight from the field, in store and at the dryer. The AM5800 is the most accurate moisture meter on the market using UGMA (Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm) technology that is used by Merchants. The AM5800 can be used for testing moisture in: grains, seeds, pulses, oilseed and beans.


A moisture meter must be simple to use, and what could be less complicated than just choosing the merchandise to be analyzed and then gushing the sample into the instrument? At Perten Instruments we’ve continually taken pride in developing analyzers that are really easy to use that they’ll be used with confidence by non-technical personnel. The Aquamatic 5200 follows the tradition and might be employed by anyone after just a 1-minute introduction. 3 straightforward steps is all it takes: 1. Select grain type on the touch screen 2. Pour the sample. The analysis can begin mechanically. 3. After 10 seconds the results are displayed on the screen, and you’ll be able to empty the sample box.


  • Superior accuracy – Save money by paying the right price for the grain you buy
  • Moisture and Specific Weight measurements – Save time with one instrument for two measurements
  • 10-second analysis – Save time and costs
  • Touch screen operation – Easier to use with fewer mistakes

Prices of Perten Moisture Meter

$169.99 +

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