The Petco rabbit cage for pets measures 39.5 L x 23.75 W x 19.44 H inches and is an ideal choice as a Rabbit cage, Chinchilla cage. Each deluxe rabbit cage comes with all of the accessories you need to make a perfect habitat for your Rabbit. Accessories include an elevated Hay feeder, a water bottle, a feeding bowl and an elevated feeding area so your rabbit has a clean area to eat/drink from. ThePetco rabbit cage Home is easy to assembly with no tools required, includes an easy-to-clean 5.5″ deep plastic base that contains litter inside the Rabbit’s home & has a powder coated wire top to ensure this home will last!

This Rabbit Cage provides your pet with a large living area for maximum comfort & top / side doors for easy cleaning or access to your Rabbit. If you ware wanting to add even more living area or a privacy Rabbit Hutch onto your Rabbit Cage, this model (158) is compatible with our wire extension (model 158WEX) & our Rabbit Hutch extension (model 158 HEX)

Uses of Petco Rabbit Cage

Petco Rabbit Cage is a type of cage used typically for housing domestic rabbits. Other small animals can also be housed in hutches. Most hutches have a frame constructed of wood, including legs to keep the unit off the ground. The floor may be wood, wire mesh, or some combination of the two.


  • – Ideal wooden rabbit hutch for multiple pets
  • – Constructed with rust resistant wire and exterior grade plywood
  • – Slide-out pan for easy cleaning
  • – Outdoor wood rabbit hutch with waterproof plywood and roof
  • – One living space becomes two with the removable divider panel
  • – Features two front doors that allow you to access half of the hutch individually
  • – Quick and easy assembly


  • Primary Color Brown
    • Line Living World
    • Size Medium
    • Item Dimensions
    • Length 30.7 IN
    • Height 19.7 IN
    • Width 18.9 IN

Prices of Petco rabbit cage

$271.99-  $319.99

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