PetSmart originally started as PetFood Warehouse, way back in 1986. The initial two stores opened their doors in 1987 in Phoenix. At the time, the company focused mostly on providing pet food instead of retail items. This changed in two years when the company re-branded itself to PETsMART in 1989. By 1993 the company had grown large enough to go public. Before the year ended PETsMART officially went public and was then listed as “PETM” on the NASDAQ stock exchange list. This marked a significant change in the company as it rapidly began to expand in the succeeding years By 1994 the company launched PetSmart Charities Inc. This platform became a nonprofit organization designed to find suitable homes for street pets with no owners and to put an end to euthanasia. Several campaigns were born from this effort and several thousands of animals were saved.

A full groom at PetSmart is a great option for those who want to cover all areas of their pet’s health and hygiene. The service includes a bath with oxygen-infused shampoo, or a special-coat shampoo such as shedding, as well as a blow-dry. Additionally, the full groom also includes 15-minutes of brushing, a light face trim, and nail trim at PetSmart. If needed, PetSmart can also clean the ears of your cat or dog, remove hair, flush the ears, and attend to the paws by scissoring the feet and shaving the paw pads. Other than that, the PetSmart full groom also includes a sanitary trim, as well as anal gland cleaning for pets that need it.


Any pet owner understands that owning one isn’t just about keeping it around the house and feeding it around dinner time. Taking care of a pet takes a lot of time and dedication; you want to train your pet, keep it strong and healthy, and you’ll want grooming services to keep your pet pretty and happy. Of all the companies offering such services, PetSmart grooming is perhaps the most popular.

Features of Petsmart Grooming

  • Professional stylists with over 800 hours of training & 6 months apprenticeship
  • Appointment services include full-service grooming & bathing
  • Walk-in services include nail trim, nail grind, PAWdicure, teeth brushing, ear cleaning services, trimming, dematting & more
  • Express services featuring uninterrupted salon services that limit the amount of time your pet spends in the salon
  • Select locations offer grooming & bathing services for cats like nail trim, nail caps application, ear cleaning & sanitary trim
  • We use the exclusive state-of-the-art Hydrosurge BathPro 9.0

Prices of Petsmart Grooming

Pet TypeSizePrice
Puppy/DogExtra Large$49.99
Full Groom Service
Nails, paws, teeth, ears & more
Puppy/DogExtra Large$89.99

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