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PI Industries Limited (PI) is a fast growing agri-sciences company with a unique business model across the AgChem value chain from R&D. PI Manufactures Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides Header is an innovative fungicide with specialized formulation for excellent fungicidal activity on rice blast along with plant health benefits. The Capsule Suspension (CS) formulation helps in gradual and slow release of the chemical, thus providing a long lasting protection against the fungus.


KITAZIN is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide for the control of various diseases such as blast and sheath blight of Rice, Fruit rot of Chilli, Early blight of Tomato and Potato, Purple blotch of Onion, Anthracnose of Grapes and Pomegranate etc. KITAZIN belongs to the Organophosphorus group of fungicides.

  • KITAZIN is a strong systemic fungicide with curative and protective action
  • KITAZIN is absorbed and translocated through roots, sheath and leaves.
  • KITAZIN is low toxic to mammals and fish.
  • KITAZIN has moderate insecticidal activity against hoppers.
  • CROP PEST DOSE (Per Ha) Rice Blast, Sheath blight 200 ml. Chili Fruit rot/die back 200 ml. Tomato Early blight 200 ml. Potato Early blight 200 ml. Onion Purple blotch 200 ml. Pomegranate Anthracnose 200 ml. Grapes Anthracnose 200 ml.

Uses/benefits of Pi Header Fungicide

  • Healthier & greener flag leaf.
  • Uniform panicle emergence.
  • Better quality & uniform grains.
  • Effective protection against blast.
  • Better quality & quantity produce.

Recommended Dosages:

CROPCommon name of the pestDosage/HectareWaiting period in days
Active Ingredient (g)Formulation (ml)Dilution in Water (Liter)

Product Specification

Technical NamePyraclostrobin
Trade NameHeader
BrandPI Industries
Packaging Size400 ML,1 L
FormulationPyraclostrobin 100 G/L CS
Packaging TypeBottle
Dose400 Ml/Acre

Prices of Pi Header Fungicide

$25.55 – $64.55

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