Pig Feed Making Machine SZLH Feed Pellet Machine Euipped with conditioner, this pellet machine will steam and soft the material first to kill the bacteria and improve the qualitiy and capacity of final feed pellets.It has the better raw material versatility, which can be suitable for pelletizing many kinds of raw material, such as corn, broom corn, wheat, beans, oil seed meal and other materials Application: for making cattle, geese, pig, duck, chicken, sheep, rabbit, and other animals, livestock and poultry feed. You can make 2-8 mm diameter animal feed pellets. Such as 2-4mm diameter chick feed pellets and pig feed pellets.2-5mm rabbit feed pellet, 4-8mm cattle or sheep feed pellets. Note:The last pellet length can be adjusted.

We are engaged in offering Pig Feed Making Machine to our clients. These are widely appreciated for it efficiency and smooth functioning amongst our reputed clients. It is designed with robustness and has high efficiency that results in good output. This is manufactured under the supervision of our skilled experts who check each and very parameter of the machine so as to make it strong. Offered machine is available in the competitive market price. feed pellet machine can compress crushed materials of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husks to pellet directly. It is widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture and poultry farms. Working principle: The machine can compress powder size raw material into pellet directly. There is no need to add water during processing, the temperature will reach 70 ℃ -80 ℃ automatically,which can make starch gelatinized protein coagulate and denature. Finished pellets are deeply ripened inside, the surface is smooth, hard, and the length can be adjusted.The pellets are not easy to mold and can be stored for a long time. It is an ideal equipment for aquaculture and poultry farm breeding.

Uses/benefits of Pig Feed Making Machine:

1. During the pressing process of the feed pellet machine, the pellet temperature of the machine should be about 60 °C, and it can be matured deep, and should not exceed 80 °C at most. Otherwise, various trace elements added during the granulation process will suffer losses. There is no guarantee of the need for livestock and poultry to feed.
2. The feed pellet machine is selected according to different feed pellet formulas. When the user chooses, it is necessary to select different power products according to different raw materials, and mold plates of different diameters.
3, it is best to choose “dry in, dry out” feed pellet machine, because the feed pellets produced by this kind of machinery, do not need to be baked, exposed to the sun, cool to the indoor temperature can be bagged for feeding, storage. In addition, when choosing a feed pellet machine, you should choose a regular, professional manufacturer’s product, and you must shop around.
4.the pellets produced by the pellet machine should be smooth and moderate in hardness, the breaking rate should be less than 4%, and the moisture content of the feed should be less than 10%.
5. The feed pellet machine is selected according to the relevant standards of the Ministry of Agriculture. The feed pellet machine should have an electrical output of not less than 40 kg per hour (particle diameter 4 mm to 6 mm, flat mode). When selecting the user, it is necessary to look at the label on the nameplate of the pellet machine manufacturer.

Features of Pig Feed Making Machine:

1.Powered by both diesel engine ,gasoline and motor,PTO driven.
2.Direct Connection of motor shaft and belt drive
3.Can run smoothly with few noises.
4.Pellet Machine can equipped wheel,move around
5.Machine can be used for making feed pellet,also make wood pellets.

Product Specification:

Usage/ApplicationPig Feed Making
BrandVidarbha Sales
Model Name/Number150-B
Automation GradeManual
Capacity100-125 Kg/hr
Type Of Machinesmanual
Weight150 Kg (Approx)
Power1.5 kW
Frequency50/60 Hz
Warranty1 Year

Prices of Pig Feed Making Machine:

$429.00 – $20,509.00

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