Water is one of the most overlooked nutrition for pigs. Optimal water management contributes toward raising healthy and profitable pigs. The most common mistakes are irregular testing of the water, too few watering points and deviating water flow.

The height and position of nipple drinkers for pigs depend on the type of nipple which is our bite nipple), type of pig house and the age of the pigs. Nipples are generally mounted 5 cm above shoulder height for the smallest pig.

If you are into large numbers of commercial pigs, it is also stressful and almost impossible to measure all the pigs and adapt the height of the nipples continuously.

Therefore, our nipples are best mounted on the wall at a fixed height within a given range. In some pig houses, a few pig drinkers are mounted at various heights to make sure that every pig has easy access to the drinkers.

Features of the Bite Nipples Drinkers for Pigs

These are:

  • Simple structure
  • Composed of shell, mandrill and steel ball
  • Has strong filtration capacity for sands or other impurities
  • Intended for pigs

Prices of Pig Water Nipple


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