A center pivot irrigation system is a movable pipe structure that rotates around a central pivot point connected to a water supply. Center pivot irrigation systems are the most popular sprinkler irrigation systems in the world because of their high efficiency, high uniformity, ability to irrigate uneven terrain, and low capital, maintenance, and management costs. The history of center pivot irrigation systems began in Nebraska in the 1950s, and there are now hundreds of thousands of center pivot irrigation systems in the world.

uses of Pivot Irrigation System

Pivot Irrigation System water falls directly on the crops instead of being shot into the air as occurs with traditional sprinklers, less water is lost to evaporation and more goes to nourishing the growing plants. Central pivot irrigation also creates perfectly circular fields.


A numerical simulation (model) evaluated combinations of irrigation system capacity and scheduling protocol to minimize the risk associated with irrigating potato under the constraints of load-control programs in Wisconsin. Results from the model indicated that a center pivot irrigation system capacity of 4540 L/min operated with a scheduling program based on the soil water balance minimized the economic risks associated with irrigating potato under the constraints imposed by energy load-control programs. Increasing the system capacity from 3785 L/min provides greater flexibility in choosing and adjusting an irrigation scheduling program to variable seasonal and yearly weather conditions. This model clearly demonstrated that a system capacity of 2840 L/min is not sufficient to participate in a load control program

Features Pivot Irrigation System

  • Uniformity of applied water
  • No human labor required
  • May operate at lower pressure, thus conserving energy
  • Efficient water use, which prevents water runoff
  • With a timer set, it may regulate water application and sprinkle it daily at a particular time in the day or in the evening.

Prices of Pivot Irrigation System

Standard 40 acre system, installed at a cost of $38,000 with a well and power source cost of $30,000

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