The pivot Irrigation Systems is the most widely used irrigation system on Georgia farms. It is a self-propelled system that rotates around a central pivot point. The drive mechanism for this system may be water pressure, hydraulic oil, or electric motors. Most systems in use today have electric drive systems. The time required for a rotation depends on the system size, pump, or well capacity and the amount of water to be applied at each application.

Uses of Pivot Irrigation Systems

 Pivot Irrigation Systems uses less labor than many other surface irrigation methods, such as furrow irrigation. It also has lower labor costs than ground-irrigation techniques that require digging of channels. Also, center-pivot irrigation can reduce the amount of soil tillage.

Uses of Pivot Irrigation Systems

Pivot irrigation uses less labor than many other surface irrigation methods, such as furrow irrigation. It also has lower labor costs than ground-irrigation techniques that require digging of channels. Also, center-pivot irrigation can reduce the amount of soil tillage. Therefore, it helps reduce water runoff and soil erosion that can occur with ground irrigation. Less tillage also encourages more organic materials and crop residue to decompose back into the soil. It also reduces soil compaction.


  • Uniformity of applied water
  • No human labor required
  • May operate at lower pressure, thus conserving energy
  • Efficient water use, which prevents water runoff
  • With a timer set, it may regulate water application and sprinkle it daily at a particular time in the day or in the evening.
  • Start and Stop notifications
  • GPS monitoring via website and mobile app
  • Fully warranted hardware during annual subscription

Prices of Pivot Irrigation Systems

$59.99- $279

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