Cage Assembly As plastic cages are composed of disassembled parts, they provide cost savings through the replacement of only broken or worn parts. Moreover, demountable type of the cage enables the storage by diminishing the size and provides space saving. The most important characteristic of the plastic chicken cages is being demounted (having parts). Because of this feature, you have the advantage of replacing the broken or worn parts. Since the cage is demountable, it ensures you the advantage of easy storage. It’s very easy to assemble, no additional equipment is required. When compared to the iron cages; this product doesn’t have oxidation problem. It is not harmful to the health.


It is made of high-density polyethylene material, thus durable to ensure the transport of adult poultry (chickens, ducks, and other similar sized birds). Its sturdy access door is used to add and remove poultry from the crate. Since the surfaces of the cages are smooth and rounded, it does not cause corrosion and breaking and injuries during the transportation of the cages. It’s special design ensures maximum ventilation. It’s excellent lock system prevents the slippage of the load. It is resistant to low and high temperatures. It is resistant to solar rays.


1. Product: Poultry plastic transport cage for Chicken
2. Specification:750*560*272mm 
3. Usable: Breeding farms,slaughterhouses,transport used for carrying chickens,rabbits, and other live poultry animals. 
* More pliable and resist impact. 
* The rectangular structure is conducive to loading, unloading, improve work efficiency.
 * It does not need to screw fastening and the dismantling, is convenient with the self-locking type assembly.
 *Cage cover is equipped with push-pull type door.
5 Colour:Yellow,can be customized
6. Load-bearing: 50 KG
It can carry around 10~14 live chickens(Chicken weight 2kg~3.5kg).
It can be stacked 8~11 layers in the transportation with no deformation. 
7.Service life is about 5 years.  


Country of OriginMade in India
Bird TypeChicken
Usage/ApplicationPoultry Farm
Minimum Order Quantity5 Piece


 $ 17.5 – $19.00 

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