Ploughing Machine The Mould Board Plough that is offered by us manufactured using latest technology and as per the requirements of the customers. The offered by are sturdily constructed using high grade material. These Mould Board Plough are highly demanded by farmers for their durability and affordability.Disc plows are mainly used with tractors.It is consists of fram, linkage point, plow disc.According to the horsepower of your tractor, you can match the suitable disc plow. And the disc rotates to effectively cut off the roots of plants. It is a sharp tool for farmland reclamation.

The mini rotary tiller is designed based on hills, mountains, small plots, large height differences, and no tillage roads. It is suitable for loosening, cultivating and weeding of sand and economic objects. Widely used in field farming, trenching and ridge building, management of plastic greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, vegetable gardens, tea planting, etc. It has light weight, small size, simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption. High production efficiency and other characteristics Plowing machine is suitable for places where large agricultural machinery is difficult to operate, such as plains, vegetable greenhouses, orchards, slopes, and terraces. Different agricultural machinery can be used to complete different agronomic operations.

Uses/benefits of Ploughing Machine

  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent performance
  • Rust free

Features of Ploughing Machine

1.Enhanced type front banjo axle, good quality,better tightness ,smaller turning radius .
  Choose paddy feild High flower fetus, Good trafficability characteristic during paddy work
2.Gear-box 12+12 Shuttle shift, more gears match, high work efficiency.
  Side shift option, operate convenient.
3.Enhanced type rear axle , more reliability of chassis.
4.Power-output shaft rotation rate 540/760r/min,can match many farm tools .
  Use double-acting clutch, shift and power take off more convenient.
5.Install local famous engine, Power reliability.
  Use EU Engine ,Lower diesel consume,
6.Strong rise raiser,Better effection for Paddy field beating .rotary tillage .ploughing .
7.New type cab,Can install fan, warm braw ,air-condition; better tightness, Open field of vision
8.LED light, Use long time, bright and lower energy consumption .
9.2-Hydraulic output ,Have check valve,  transition operation prevent tools drop, more safe and reliability.


ModelF180 dieselF190 dieselF195 diesel
TypeSingle cylinder,4-stroke,horizontal,water-cooled,diesel
Cooling modeCondenser (Radiator)
Rated power5.88kw/8hp7.35kw/10hp8.82kw/12hp
Rated speed2600rpm2400rpm2400rpm
Combustion systemSwirl combustion chamberSwirl combustion chamberdirect injection
Cylinder Bore809095
Piston Stroke809098
Compression Ratio222218
Fuel efficiency:≤278.8gl/≤262.5gl/≤245gl/
Fuel Tank Capacity6L8L8L
Water Tank Capacity1.6L2L2L
Net Weight68/80kg102/112kg109/121kg
Gross Weight80/90kg112/122kg120/132kg
Overall dimensions:(L×W×H)2120×840×1160mm
Wheel tread680-740mm (Semi-axle 340mm length)
ClutchSingle Friction Plate, 2 Grooves Pulley
Connection BeltsTwo pieces B1750/B1830 Model
Ground clearance210mm
Working weight (with rotary tiller)265kg (285kg)305kg (325kg)320kg (355kg)
Forward Speed (km/h)1.68, 2.61, 4.22, 6.79, 10.57, 17.08 (6 Forward)
Reverse Speed (km/h)1.29, 5.22 (2 Reverse

Prices of Ploughing Machine


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