The bite suits are made with high-quality material to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting. The bite suits are designed to be used in training dogs and other law enforcement animals, such as police dogs and bomb detection dogs. They can also be used for other functions such as protection of the handler, protection from disease and infection, or even protection from bites during an attack. The bite suits are made from a combination of strong materials such as Kevlar, nylon, and leather.

The suit is designed with a reinforced mouth area where the dog will bite it during training. This helps prevent rips or tears when the dog bites down on the suit during training sessions. The suit has a Velcro strap around the chest area so that it can be easily put on by one person without needing assistance from another person. It also has straps around the neck area which help keep it in place when being worn by an animal or person wearing it during training sessions or other situations where they may need protection from biting attacks from other animals around them like lions or tigers at zoos etc.

Police K9 Bite Suits

For people who want to help protect the dogs on the job, bite suits and sleeves are available. These suits are used by police dogs, military dogs, and guard dogs. You can purchase bite suits or sleeves from Pet Pro Supply Co. They have a variety of styles and colors. In addition, to bite suits, the company sells a variety of other pet safety supplies.

Custom Canine Unlimited

The Ray Allen Semi-Comp Bite Suit is made for police and military dogs who train in suit specification. It offers excellent biting surfaces and is tailored to fit through the shoulder area. It’s easy to get on and off and keeps the dog comfortable while wearing it. The company manufactures its bite suits in the USA.

However, it’s important to remember that a bite suit doesn’t replace proper training. The dog will still need to learn basic biting behaviors, such as outing, redirects, out and return, and recalls. Although the bite suits can help during deployments, they shouldn’t be used as the only tool. In addition, these suits shouldn’t be used to teach young dogs to grip objects. A better method is to train your dog to use his biceps, triceps, and legs to target suspects.

Besides being safe, biting suits can also help your dog learn new targeting concepts. By using a decoy, you can introduce the dog to pressure techniques without exposing him to danger. For example, you can introduce the dog to the “drive” technique by putting distractions in his hands. This will introduce the dog to working in defense while enduring pressure. You can also train your dog on the ground by wrapping him in your arms and allowing him to operate comfortably on the ground.


If your department is in need of a new bite suit for its K9 officers, a Demanet police K9 bite suit could be a good choice. They are designed to fit bespoke sizes and are available in a range of colors and fabrics. The suits are manufactured in Spain and can take as little as 13 weeks to manufacture. They are available in training, semi-competitive, and competition weights.

The Demanet police K9 bite suit offers protection at an affordable price. Its ring-cut design allows the dog to easily grip the decoy. The bite suit is designed to provide seven centimeters of gripping material for the dog. The suit comes with a free bite-suit bag.

Another advantage of the Demanet police K9 bite suit is its lightweight design and flexibility. Compared to competition suits, it is more comfortable and offers more protection. It is also more flexible and is ideal for the daily training of police and military dogs. It is also customizable with custom logos and colors.


Kimono for police K9 bite suits are lightweight and flexible and provide more protection than competition-level suits. This type of suit is ideal for police, military, and other dogs with advanced bite training. These suits are custom-made, which means they can be sized to your dog’s precise measurements. Because they offer a high degree of protection and mobility, they are also a cost-effective solution for your department.

The Kimono style is most popular with police departments in the US. It has large trousers and a jacket that fits over the dog’s body. Arms attach in a “flying squirrel” fashion and have no seams in the shoulder. These suit styles do not have a zipper in the front but are still designed to provide extra protection. However, police K9 officers may not be comfortable in these suits and should consider an alternative style.

A Kimono for police K9 bite suits can be made of many different materials and styles. The Ray Allen Ultra Kimono Bite Suit features a unique design that helps prevent teeth from being sliced. It is made from a durable, flexible material and is custom-made in Colorado Springs. It is ideal for decoys and police trainers with years of experience.


Police K9 bite suits aren’t just for dogs. They can help protect the public from dangerous dogs. A new suit was developed to help law enforcement protect themselves and their animals from injuries and attacks. The suit has an innovative design and is made with one-piece construction to reduce the risk of injuries. The suit is also easy to put on and take off. Its single-piece design means that it’s easier for officers to use. It’s available in rack and custom sizes.

The PSA for police K9 bite suits includes a variety of scenarios. The first scenario includes an attack from hiding. The second scenario involves a decoy. In the third scenario, a handler and a dog are surrounded by two or three decoys. This allows the police K9 to practice different tactics, including leg biting.


Kevlar Police K9 Bite suits are designed for maximum protection while being lightweight and flexible. They can be ordered in several different styles and colors, but all of them have the same purpose: to protect the dog from bites while providing maximum mobility. This material has a history of wearing down the teeth of dogs, so it should not be used daily.

There are two basic styles of Kevlar Police K9 Bite suits. The first is a bat-shaped jacket. This suit provides the best protection throughout the body and is recommended for large-bite dogs. This suit is also ideal for armed forces and police K-9 trainers. Its price is affordable, and it is made from the highest-quality materials. Unlike competition-level suits, it is also very lightweight and can be custom-fitted to a dog’s size.

Another option is a Kevlar hidden suit. This suit is made from a thin layer of kevlar and is often worn underneath normal clothing. However, these suits are expensive and tend to wear out quickly. Therefore, only experienced trainers should attempt to use these suits.

Kimono suit

The Ray Allen Ultra Kimono Bite Suit is a state-of-the-art decoy protection suit, designed for police and military use. It features a unique design, generous bite surface, and easy on/off zippers. This suit is also durable and machine washable.

The Kimono police K9 bite suit comes in three different styles. There is a basic version, which is designed for large biting dogs, while a more sophisticated version is available for police officers and armed forces. It is also reasonably priced and comes in two different colors: red and black. The basic suit weighs approximately 16 to 17 kg and does not include custom options.

A Kimono style bite suit is best for a police department with many decoys. It comes with a large jacket and pants. The arms attach in a “flying squirrel” style and blend in with the body of the jacket. Because of this, there are no seams on the shoulders and arms, which provides extra protection. However, if you’re training a K9 or using a Kimono suit to protect yourself from attacks, you should consider a different style.

PSA cut

Police K9 Bite Suits help law enforcement officials teach their canines to target and bite while on duty. These suits are easy to adjust and have no metal parts that can hurt the dog’s teeth or snout. The jacket has inside quick-release buckles and outside Velcro closure. The bibs are adjustable and can be cleaned easily.

Various types of bite suits are available to suit different needs and requirements. The basic dog suit is characterized by a bat-shaped jacket and is designed to provide the most protection throughout the dog’s body. It is suitable for large-bite dogs and is recommended for police and armed forces. This type of suit is reasonably priced and does not require customizing. It is a standard design and comes in a single color. However, it is not designed to be used in competitions or other situations where agility is required.

Another case involved a man who was bitten by a police dog. While officers chased the suspect for indecent exposure, they accidentally released the K-9 onto him. The K-9 bit him several times on the arm, leg, and shoulder. The incident was documented in a police report.

Kimono suit weight

A Kimono suit is a very protective dog suit that has several benefits. They can be machine washed and are designed to offer the best protection for your dog. They are also ideal for police and military decoys as well as cross-departmental use.

The Kimono suit style is most commonly used by police in the United States. It consists of a large jacket and pants. It has extra fabric between the waist and the elbow for extra protection. It is also available in semi-competition and training weights. Though not as protective as a competition suit, a Kimono suit is still a quality bite suit.

The semi-competition weight suit is a good choice for police K9 trainers and police dog decoys. It provides maximum protection, but is heavier and does not allow for much mobility. This type of suit is especially good for scenario-based training and trial decoys.

Kimono suit thickness

The Kimono suit is made to be flexible enough to bend at the elbows, but thick enough to keep your dog’s body from being pinched. It has four layers of protection and is available in varying thicknesses. Its bib-style pants have two buckles on each side and a front seam to make movement easy.

The thickest suit is called the competition weight, but the thinnest one is the hidden suit. Other options are semi-competition weight and training weight. Regardless of the weight, they’re all quality suits. If you’re looking for a bit suit that’s affordable, look no further than the Demanet Kimono suit.

There are also different kinds of bite suits. The thinnest ones are called hidden bite suits and are made with kevlar or a proprietary fiber blend. They’re designed to prevent the dog’s teeth from puncturing the skin. They’re also thinner than the semi-training suit, which is why trial decoys prefer them.

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