Made specifically for the farmer and rancher, Cardinal Scale’s livestock scales provide innovative solutions for a wide variety of animal weighing needs. Cardinal Scale’s Harvester, LS, and LSE models are made to weigh multiple head of cattle in stockyards, feed lots, and private farms. Cardinal Scale’s SLS single animal livestock scale can comfortably weigh smaller single animals such as swine, horses, sheep, goats, and cattle one by one with incredibly high accuracy. Cardinal Scale also has portable options for ranchers that have larger areas to cover. Cardinal Scale’s Weight Wrangler Mobile and Portable livestock scales are meant to bring the scale to the herd or the market. The Weight Wrangler Mobile livestock scale can be hooked up to a vehicle to move, and the Weight Wrangler Portable model can be moved with the aid of farm machinery. These models feature high-grade paneling, component decks, swing gates that can be customized, and indicators meant to withstand the elements and print out legal-for-trade weight tickets. Cardinal Scale’s livestock models offer the best portability, resilience, and quality when weighing single for multiple animals for stationary or mobile use.

Uses/benefits of Portable Livestock Scales:

  • Exclusive cable-free weigh arms eliminate excessive sway and movement so animals remain calm for fast and accurate weighing
  • Anti-sway bars allow the weigh basket to move freely to promote accurate weighing
  • Firm floor and easy access encourage animals to enter and exit the scale quickly
  • Multiple options for customization, like a wheel kit, make moving scales from pen-to-pen easy
  • Accurate digital meter or mechanical dial available

Features of Portable Livestock Scales:

  • NTEP CC 92-001 Class III 4000d
  • 482 Indicator
  • Factory calibrated
  • Ships assembled
  • 4 SEB RL35023-N5- 2.5K load cells
  • 2 year limited manufacturers warranty
  • Swing gate
  • Mild steel construction
  • Rugged diamond safety treadplate deck
  • Rigid structural steel channel frame
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel side-access j-box without quick connector
  • Signal trim summing board
  • Four adjustable stainless steel SUREFOOT support feet
  • 20 feet of SURVIVOR EL147HE hostile environment load cell cable

Specification of Portable Livestock Scales:

  • Capacities: 2,500 lb or 5,000 lb
  • Accuracy: Accurate to within +/- 1%
  • Included Cables: 12 ft. between load bars and 20 ft. for indicator
  • Load Cells: Four Cardinal model TB 2,500 lb stainless steel load cells
  • Sizes: 24, 36, and 48 inch lengths (custom sizes available)
  • Construction: Mild steel

Prices of Portable Livestock Scales:

$695.00 – $2,795.00

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