Portable Rice Milling Machine Rice flour grinder is removal or separation of husk (dehusking) and bran to obtain the edible portion for consumption. The commercial rice milling machine process has to be accomplished with care to prevent excessive breakage of the kernel and improve recovery of rice. The extent of recovery during milling depends on many factors like variety of rice, degree of milling required, the quality of rice grinding milling used, the operators, etc. Rice grinder machine is a common activity and can be started in many parts of the world.


The volume is small and can be moved.

It adopts professional custom motor and adopts single-phase non-contact asynchronous motor with wide voltage range of 150V-240V, which effectively solves the problems of low voltage starting and frequent starting, especially for remote mountainous areas.

The vibration during operation is small, no special fixing, and the working noise is less than 80 decibels.

Good sealing effect, there is smashing studio sealing strip, dust leakage is very small during work, clean and hygienic.

The protective measures are good and the use of any venue is assured.

The use of custom feeding port, feeding more than 15 kg at a time, reduce frequent additions.

Main Features

1.high shelling rate(over 90%) and low breakage
2.easy to collect the rice bran
3.compact structure, easy to move
4.simple operation and maintenance
5.low energy-consumption and noise
6.durable and safe


Model6N80-9FC21 Rice milling and crushing machine
Rotor speedRice Machine 1400rpm/Minute,pulverizer 5000rpm/Minute
Rotor diameterRice Machine 80mm /pulverizer 210mm
Sieve diameterpulverizer 240mm
Sieve sizepulverizer 760mm×100mm
Rice Machine 210mm×137mm
Flat tooth /pcs4pcs
Square tooth /pcs6pcs
Productivity2mm hole 150kg/hourFor Pulverizer
200kg/hourFor rice milling
power consumption2.6°/hourFor Pulverizer
2.6°/hourFor rice milling
Applicable cropThe machine is for rice machine,The pulverizer is a grain of corn, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical raw materials
Applicable powerYL90L2 3000W/Electric Motor
Motor Power3kW
Accessories includeIn and out of the hopper/Triangle belt/Motor wheel
Package dimensionsCombination machine:620mm×610mm×310mm,
Without round bucket(Carton)
Combination machine:365mm×230mm×230mm(Carton)
Net weight / gross weightCombination machine/54kg+Motor/22.30kg=Total/76.30kg

Prices of Portable Rice Milling Machine

$286.00 – $1,930.0

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