Poultry Automatic which is also sometimes called automatic drinkers, provides efficient distribution of water to deep litter birds from their Day old chicks all through to their matured and growth period. This drinker also have a special filter sieve which makes sure that there is continuous clean water supply. automatic bell drinkers provide excellent water distribution. In free-standing position, the lip of the water channel is only 50 mm (2″) above ground level & ensures a constant water level, fully adjustable to suit the chicks or the grower.

The Bell Drinker comes in two different types. The Chines and Indian models. It is also an automatic bell drinker, which is especially used for poultry birds raised with deep litter system (chickens of different breeds of broilers, pullet, cockerel, noiler etc., raised on the floor). This high-quality automatic bell drinker remains the most convenient way to supply constant clean water for your birds from day old chicks to maturity. This product is from India and comes with all the accessories which are easy to fix.


These are perhaps the most commonplace chicken waterers among backyard chicken keepers, as they are generally quite cheap and generally do a good job of giving your girls easy access to fresh water, whilst keeping spillage to a minimum. Its suitable for cockerels, layers, broilers, turkey and all other proultry birds. At least one (1) Bell Drinker is recommended for about 50 birds.


Stable performance with high adjusting sensitivity, the regulator helps to supply the water line with sufficient and evenly distributed drinking water. Nipple shell adopt high quality engineering plastics PVC , Double tier sealing structure, effectively avoiding water leaking It can also flush the sediment in the tube with its large diameter flushing tube line, which serves to protect the system and reduce the labor for maintenance work

  • Plastic material
  • All accessories inclusive
  • Easy to fix
  • Very durable.


Itemdrinker bowl
MaterialPlastic,PP(propene polymer) food grade material
Size190mm x 185mm x 160mm
TypeAutomatic Drinking Water
RangeGoat/Sheep/Cow Farm


$10.00 – $20.00

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