Poultry farmers that farm chicken broilers have to take great pains when selecting poultry farming equipment for broiler products. Choosing broiler chicken farming cages well is equivalent to laying a solid foundation for the success of raising chickens. When you are going to start chicken farms of broiler chickens, the main work for you need to look at the material and size specifications of the broiler products. It is very important to select the proper size of poultry farming euipment for broiler products. Nowadays, the common broiler chicken farming are raised in a stacked cage( also called H-type broiler battery cage), which can save about 50% poultry farming land than the free-range poultry farming.





Water Pot


Laying Nests

Egg Handling Nest



Coops and Cages



The broiler battery chicken farm equipment series products are: four-tier of broiler rearing cages and the accessories equipment for broilers such as the trolley feeding machine, automatic chicken manure cleaning machine, poultry ventilation machine, automatic drinking water and feeding system. Some of poultry farmers choose our poultry farm equipment for broiler products lack of relevant knowledge for them, thus, when you are going to purchase it, you should know the following knowledge. Let’s look at the knowledge of broiler rearing cage products. The poultry farm equipment of broiler rearing cage mesh material is high quality broiler rearing cage mesh adopted the steel wire, which are sprayed by electrostatic process so the tensile strength up to 490MPa, elongation up to 23%. .Our broiler water nipple drinking system consist of water front parts, nipple drinking line , hanging system, regulator and water line end parts. . Nipple drinker capacity : 8-12 birds/ nipple, . We have two kind of broiler water drinking system(Plasson drinking system and Lubing drinking system) for your choice .4).Water Level Display Height:


Capacity12 Birds/ Box
No of Tiers4 Tier
Animal BreedChicken Birds
Usage/ApplicationPoultry Farms
Cage TypeH Type
MaterialMild Steel
BrandVijay Raj Poultry Equipments
ShapeRectangle,A Shape
No of Tier5


$500.00 – $5,000.00

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