Poultry Feed Machine: With the increasing maturity of feed pellets making technology, making feed pellets for chicken, broiler and other poultry animals has been more and more popular around the world, many people including farmers, new startups etc. benefit from making chicken/broiler feed pellets. Pellets reduce waste that is produced from the chicken feed, water soiling, or eating behaviors from chickens. The bulkiness of chicken feed is brought down by 18% due to pellets. Since chickens are prone to salmonella, pellet feed reduces chickens from contracting salmonella. Other things pellet feed prevents is mold and growth inhibitors. Besides being healthy for chickens, it is also easy to produce. The process of pellet food has less difficulty in mixing, particle sizes, and ingredient mixing. The chicken feed cost is saved by 15% due to pellet food. Pellet food has vitamins that chickens need to improve their digestive systems like Vitamin E and B12.


  • Grinding machine. The purpose of this machine is crushing the raw materials into recommended sizes for the different type of feed.
  • Mixing machine.
  • Pelleting machine.
  • Cooling machine.
  • Cleaning machine.
  • Conveying machine.
  • Packaging Machine.


  • Additional income through sale of seed coats as cattle feed
  • Improved yield of ‘Dal’ due to use of improved milling technology
  • Easier operation & less maintenance cost Construction
  • Our CE pellet mill are Improved model stronger and square frame for making wood pellet
  • Our WKL Flat-die pellet press is for pressing all kinds of biomass material to be solid pellets which is for burning fuel or animal feeding
  • It’s ideal for personal, family and small plants due to easy operation and maintenance
  • The workable raw material can be any type of Agro waste, Wood Chips and so on
  • The final product pellet is dried, compressed, and formed into small eraser-sized bits
  • They are clean, pleasant smelling and smooth to touch


ModelMixing motor power(KW)Material and thicknessSize(MM)Capacity(KG)
HH-250(single phase power)3Q235/1.8mm1580*800*1950250
HH-500(single phase power)3Q235/1.8mm1780*1000*2300500


$650.00 – $3,590.00

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