• The poultry feeding equipment is used for feeding poultry birds. Usually, foods are kept in the feeder and the birds start eating from there. The feeder should be kept neat and clean always to keep your chickens healthy. It is important that you keep a sufficient number of feeders in the poultry house according to the number of chickens; not more, not less. Application to chicks of egg laying chicken or broilers and other poultry Egg laying chicken will start laying after 12 or 16 weeks, before it some farmers feed chicks on ground by feeder and drinker besides chick cage for starting, manual poultry feeders and drinkers are cheaper than poultry cage, but if capacity of adult birds beyond 2000 birds, you need chicken cage to give your chicken better growing condition and and increasing egg production or broiler meat increasing after they are a little big. Nipple drinkers can be used both in deep-litter and in the cage system of poultry rearing.  When used in a deep-litter system, it is attached with a cup under the nipple to prevent wetting of litter material. These drinkers look like a nipple and water drops come out when they are pecked by chickens. They can be used for all types and classes of birds, but most commonly used in laying cages. One nipple drinker used in each cage housing 3 or 4 layers is sufficient.


A feeder / Drinker is the item you use to dispense feed and water for your flock. Of course, you could always just dispense feed on the ground or in a dish, but there would be a lot of feed wasted that way. Chickens tend to scratch and scatter the feed around, so chicken feeders are designed to minimize that


  1. When the switch is turned on, adjust the temperature of the movable blade till it looks reddish or bright.
  2. When the movable blade glows, start the motor switch and the boat-shaped switch.
  3. Adjust the aperture of the micro cutter blade according to the beak size.
  4. Hold the chicken’s feet with the left hand, the neck with the right thumb, and pin the throat with the forefinger of the right hand. Stick the beak of the chicken into the aperture.
  5. Bleeding stops in 2-4 second after the movable blade drops.


Usage/ApplicationPoultry Chick Feeder
Animal BreedChicken
Capacity3 Kg. and 4 Kg.
With Stand3 kg


$3.20.00 – $7.48.00

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