Red and White Plastic Chicken Feeder with Handle Made of high-quality semi transparent plastic – ideal monitor the capacity Easy to fill thanks to removable lid Both have handles for easy cleaning 1.5 Ltr feeder 1 Piece Color May FeederFeed pans for successful broiler feeding The Big Dutchman FLUXX feed pan is one of the leading feeding systems for successful broiler production.

FLUXX not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks, but also those of heavy birds in the final grow-out phase. Its many advantages truly make the FLUXX broiler feeding system a must-have for professional broiler growers worldwide. The advantages at a glance. The innovative 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the entire pan to make the feed more accessible for day-old chicks – without extra work for the grower.

As the birds grow, the entire feed line is raised, which causes the flooding mechanism to close, thus decreasing the feed level inside the pan. This reduces feed wastage to an absolute minimum. Baffles at the outer cylinder of the pan additionally prevent feed wastage as they keep the birds from pushing feed out of the pan. There are different models of FLUXX available to provide the right feed pan for every producer:


Poultry feeder is used to feed chickens. It is available in different sizes & feed capacity like 1 to 8 kg & capacity of birds like 50 to 100 birds or more.


1. Made of high quality plastic material, very light but firm and durable with high toughness, environmental friendly and with high toughness and hardness, resist strong external force and not easy to be broken or damaged, no leaking and environmental friendly, sturdy and durable for long-term use.

2. Easy to use and clean, just need to invert the white tank and fill in water, help reduce the waste of water, easy to adjust the volume of water according to your own needs.

3.With round thin handle on the top, portable and comfortable to move and carry.

4. With stable base and four strong legs, supporting the tank and can be put on the ground, table, anywhere, easy to store and does not take up much space.

5. 5kg large capacity, can store large amount of water and food, meeting with the needs of feeding poultries,
chicken and other small animals.

6. We can make packaging according to your own needs, and we support OEM if you order more than 500pcs. We can also customize the product as the color and design you would like to have.


Usage/ApplicationPoultry Feeding
Capacity10 K.G
Packaging TypeBox


$5.81 – $ 15000

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