The Gas brooder which serves as a source of heat used for the brooding phase for day old chicks for two weeks, it can brood over 1,000 chicks conveniently.With energy-saving and environmential, now this kind of  infrared gas heater is very already widely use for all kinds of industrial and house heating. Like poultry farm, greenhouse, room, indoor, workshop, terrance, church


  • The Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) model brooder features a dual fuel gas regulator, allowing the heater to operate using either propane or natural gas with a simple adjustment. This new feature eliminates costly retrofit expenses involved with switching gas valves and orifices if production requirements change
  • A safety pan below the burner helps shield the litter area directly beneath the brooder
  • Pilot light models uses the patented Windbuster™ Pilot System and have an easily removable shield that permits quick access to the pilot orifice for lighting and cleaning
  • The stainless steel burner assembly is easily disassembled for cleaning, and the main burner orifice is easily removed by sliding a quick release bracket, reducing maintenance time and increasing operating life


  • All-Round Heating Achieve omni-directional direct heating object, improve the heat energy conversion capacity, conversion rate up to 95%. This product can provide sufficient energy consumption for 500-600 chickens and ducklings.
  • Infrared Gas Brooder Support natural gas NG, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), biogas gas heating incubator. Under the action of catalyst, the activation energy of combustible gas can be reduced, so that the gas source with low calorific value, such as biogas, can be close to full combustion.
  • Easy To Use The thermostat automatically controls the ignition and temperature, connects the system (connected to 220V power supply), sets the temperature, and opens the switch on the control box.
  • Installation Distance Incubators need to be 0.9-1.5m /2.9-4.9ft away from small animals, and thermocouples need to be 15-25cm / 5.9-9.8inaway from the ground.
  • Environmental Protection & Wide Application Excellent environmental protection effect, CO and other compounds in tail gas basically do not produce, do not pollute the environment. Application for greenhouse farming, animal larva insulation, hatching, indoor, factory and other hanging heating, terrace and cafe heating.


TypeGas Brooder
Fuel Consumption225 gm/hr
Equipment UseBrooding
Animal BreedAll
Brooding Area Coverage225 sq.ft
Warranty3 Years


$130.00 – $1000.00

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