Poultry incubator and brooder selection features brooder heaters, incubator and brooder kits, and various parts and accessories. Poultry incubators help keep fertilized eggs warm until they are ready to hatch, while a poultry brooder is a heated enclosure used to raise baby poultry. We carry everything from humidity control equipment and thermostats to different incubator voltages, brooder types, and many other supplies. Ensure you’re using the best quality brooders and incubators to keep your poultry safe. There are many different price points available so everyone can utilize quality poultry products. Experience quality with our incubator and brooder collection and find the perfect solution for your poultry needs.


Incubator: Incubator is such a poultry equipment which is used for hatching the bird’s egg in artificial ways. Generally in natural condition, the poultry birds hatch the egg, but they can maintain and hatch a limited number of eggs.
Brooder house, in agriculture, heated enclosure to provide shelter for young livestock and poultry. Chick brooders, also called broiler houses, are typically wood-framed, wood-floored, movable structures heated by electric or oil-fired stoves and built on skids.


1.Automatically turn eggs automatically, maintain temperature control.

2.Automatic water replenishment, water speed can be adjusted

3.Support mixed hatching,can hatch a variety of poultry

4.High accurate and stable.

5.The high power temperature fans and heating pipe,ensuring the high hatching rate

6.Excellent quality,EU standard/approved

7.Suitable for incubating all poultry:chickens,ducks,turkey,etc.

8.Alarm bell when you increase or decrease the heat and humidity

9.Double power /single power design 220V/12V, if you choose Double power ,no need to worry about power outage, you can connect 12V battery after power outage, let the egg incubation work go on.10.360°circular automatic ventilation, higher survival rate


LayerMachine SizeVoltage(Single /Doul Power Supply )Power


$1,600.00 – $1,800.00

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