This Manure Dryer can dry poultry manure / Chicken litter moisture. It is suitable for the storage and production of organic fertilizer. It operates a closed system, thus reducing the influence on the environment. The poultry manure dryer machine also can be used to dry other kinds of animal manure such as cow dung, etc. It is imported. It has a capacity of 1 tonne per hour. This product comes with an additional delivery and installation fee.

This manure dryer is mainly composed of pipes rotor at both ends of bearing. It also comes with bearing pedestal, roller, roller ring, motor, gear combination, shovelling plate, girder, shell, cylinder gear reducer etc. The Motor Drive and the tube rotor rotate through cylindrical gear reducer and the gear rotate system. This machine has an up inlet and a set inlet when poultry manure is dropped int it, the feeding belt transports it. Inside of the manure dryer, there are many tubes. During the drying process, the hot air will enter into the internal tube by the draught fan. then the shovelling plates, which are installed outside of the heating pipes, grab and push the dried material forward from the inlet to outlet slot.


  • Low energy consumption
  • There is no cause for heating installations
  • There is a drastic reduction in ammonia content
  • There is no need to dry the manure with a battery
  • Low residual water content
  • Low costs for the installation

dryer is also suitable for chicken manure, cow dung, feces organic fertilizer, sludge, bean dregs, starch residue, sauce residue, sprayed corn kernels, cassava residue, beer distiller’s grains, lees, straw, pasture and other 50-85% moisture content of material Drying.


Drying process: 75-85% moisture content of the material fed into the special dehydration machine, the water removed to about 65% through the screw conveyor into the mixing drum dryer to downstream drying. Flights pick up material, carry it over, and shower it through the air stream as the drum rotates, promoting maximize the efficiency of heat transfer between the material and drying air. The rapid evaporation of water vaporization, to achieve the effect of drying materials in the hot air under the rapid flow of the drum. The rotary drum dryer gives the material a chance to dry before it hits the next flights, in order to prevent buildup near the wet material discharge. The drum cleaning device is installed inside of the drum to prevent the material sticking issue.


ModelCapacity(T/D)Initial moisture(%)Final moisture(%)Total Power(kw)Covering area(m²)




$2,200.00 – $46,000.00

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