Are you troubled with poultry wastes? Do you wish to provide an optimal and clean environment for your birds while saving costs and manpower? Our manure scraper is the required solution! It is a very effective and durable machine. It is easy to operate by anybody and can save you the cost of paying workers to evacuate manure from your poultry pen. This poultry manure scraper comes with two/three blades, you can purchase two rolls to work with the machine, they come at an added fee of #130000 each. The installation also comes with an additional fee.

  • It greatly reduces the labour intensity and maintains a good indoor air environment.
  • It is recommended for specially constructed cage systems with manure pits.
  • Its electric motor attributes help make the routine manure removal process efficient.


  • It is an automatic manure removal system; 60% of time and labour is saved.
  • Multi-level power transmission, powerful, and durable.
  • The manure scraper system can clean poultry manure in all seasons and consumes minimal energy.
  • It offers small friction, producing easy cleaning.
  • It will reduce manure disposal costs and can help generate income if manures are sold.
  • Easy to install and operate, and the maintenance rate is very low.
  • High strength, wearing resistance, and anti-corrosive.
  • At the collection point, the manure is collected in such an organized way that you can easily make maximum use of the chicken excrement.
  • Removes the manure at a high speed. The cleaning percentage is higher than removing manure by people, thus reducing disease rate.
  • It keeps the poultry house clean, less smelly from manure odor, and offers the best pen experience to your beautiful birds.


1.Automatic control,simple operation.
2.To achieve feces and urine direct separation in the pig shed.
3.Multi-level power transmission,increasing friction more powerful.
4.Scraper 304 stainless steel material,strong,durable and corrosion-resistant,enhance equipment lifetime.
5.380V three-phase power supply power output.
6.A host can run 1-4 manure scraper,scraping manure longest travel 140 meters.
7.Manure removed effectively, save labor cost.
8.Easy installation , maintenance and operation.
9Save electricity, one day open one tim


Namepoultry equipment manure scraper/poultry manure cleaning machine/poultry dung scraper
TypeLivestock equipment 
Rated Power0.5-3.5Kw
Rated Voltage380V
Structure Weight150~300kg
UsagePig chicken and goat


$1,356.00 – $2,769.00

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