Poultry Nipple Drinker

Poultry nipples, sometimes called chicken nipples, are one-way valves that allow water to flow out, but don’t allow air or other materials to flow in. As a result, the chickens water supply can’t be contaminated by dirt and droppings. The automatic nipple drinker with clip for chickens comes in a pack of 100 pieces. They discharge water for chickens to drink without wetting the litter. It can be used for broilers, layers, pullets, and other similar birds. The nipple clip is 3/4″, so you will need a 3/4″ PVC pipe for installing them.


  • It makes it easy to serve water to chickens
  • It helps in saving additional space and accommodate more chickens
  • It eases oral medication and vaccination of birds
  • It eases the management of poultry birds within a pen
  • If well-handled, it  reduces the incidence of rapid wet litters
  • It makes watering operation faster
  • It can be used in both battery-cage and deep-litter production system
  • It is durable as it is made with stainless steel


  • WIDE APPLICATIONS- you can apply them on pipes, buckets and more to make a convenient water feeder for chicken, geese, broilers, breeders, pullets, ducks and game birds, etc.
  • EASY TO CLEAN- these drinker nipples are made of durable plastic and stainless steel, and the nipples can be removed thus you can clean them easily when needed
  • NEAT and DRY- with Livestocktool screw style drinking nipples, you will never see the mess caused by water bowls or other traditional waterers again
  • QUANTITY- 25 packs; It is recommended that 3 chicken/ birds share 1 nipple, and chicken will get clean and fresh water from these 360 degree nipples easily
  • WATERER MEASUREMENTS- screw size is 11/ 32 inch, and the pilot hole of drill bit is 5/ 16 inch; Material: plastic and stainless steel


Equipment UseFeeding/Drinking
Inlet Pressure0.5 to 5kp
Model Name/NumberPR1
No of Drinker Line1
Drinker Line Length400feet or 120mtr
No of pressure regulators1
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity6 Piece


$9.99 – $21.94

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