Raking is necessary to keep Poultry in good health. Due to Scarcity of labour, Innovator faced problem for doing racking manually in his Poultry farm. He started thinking to mechanize it by developing a machine. After doing modifications in the 1st prototype he could develop the refined product in 2008. It is being used for turning/disturbing the layers from bottom to top of Poultry wastes accumulated in the farm. This exposes ammonia and nitrogen to atmosphere which is present in the animal wastes. Proper racking reduces the mortality rate of chicks and also enhances the proper growth of chick by minimising the disease spread.

The traditional raking method is labor intensive and requires too much time, cost and efforts. PakshiMitra – HERO is an electrically operated unique raking machine which solves the problem of raking efficiently. With the help of modern technology and design, PakshiMitra – HERO is capable of reducing raking time by 75% and this can be done by a single person only. Movable wheels and adjustable pulleys allow you to move and adjust the machine easily as per the height of the bedding (Rice Husk or Wood Saw Dust) and condition of floor (Cement or Soil).


  • Greater Profitability
  • Animal Welfare
  • Better Breeding Environment
  • Designed for litter treatment
  • Reduction of Management cost
  • Better Working condition


  • Helps to keep litter dry by managing moisture
  • Helps to remove ammonia significantly
  • Rakes faster, minimum physical efforts and low maintenance cost.
  • Reduces labor dependency.


Equipment UseLitter Raking
Weight8 Kg
Bird TypeChicken
Warranty6 Month
Usage/ApplicationPoultry Farm
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity1


$4.75 – $305.00

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