This scalder has an easy to read digital thermometer allowing you to adjust the temperature by the push of a button. It heats up quickly and retains the proper temperature for ease during the scalding process. Model includes a stainless steel basket and built in drain for easy cleanup. Scalding your slaughtered birds before placing them in a plucker is very important. This will ensure that the feathers and skin is soft so that the plucker can pick the feathers as easy as possible. Our Elite Poultry Chicken Scalder holds a constant water temperature to help you achieve that perfect scald.


Scalding is done to loosen the feathers prior to plucking, and this process is performed by immersing the birds in warm water or through the use of a newly developed process that involves exposure to steam. In a small plant, manual scalding is done by placing the carcasses in a hot water tank.


* Full stainless Steel Construction
* 1500W Aluminum Wired Motor, 1800W Heating Power for scalder
* Top water spray ring and inlet which connected to water faucet for easy cleaning of the feathers
* Large Solid Natural Rubber Fingers, allowing for quick feather release
* Bottom Water-proof Cover to keep safety
* Equipped with wheels for easy transport and vibration adsorption
* Universial Bearings
* Good Painting & Stable Bracket with rubber feet cover
* Waterproof switch is easily activated by simply pressing the button
* Suits for big poultry (like Turkey, Goose, Chicken,etc)


Product NameChicken Scalder & PluckerModelYTJ-N55M
Voltage220V/50Hz or 110V/60HzMotor & Heat Power1500W+1800W
Drum Size560(Dia.)x510(H)mmFinger Quantity151PCS
Motor Speed1400R/minDepilator Rate98%
Finger SizeΦ26*94(L)mmScalder Size499*500*505mm
Scalder Tank Size357*460*453mm Scalder Basket Size350*450*365mm
Dimension1122*602*955mmmmCarton Size1192*650*1033mm
Net Weight85.9KGGross Weight116.4KG
Material201 SUS Body, Aluminum motorCertificationCE,RoHS


$1,396.38 – $2,516.73

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