Power Tiller Ridger Price

Very strong and rugged simple structured power tiller suitable for all type of soil both rocky and any other type, this is the best when it come efficiency, highly reliable, economical, low maintenance and cost effective, buy this and say goodbye to hiring tractor.

The value of this machine is more than the price Be sure inform the seller you get the contact on Olist The gasoline engine mini tillage machine with advanced technology is suitable for the hills, slopes, small fields, garden, nursery and greenhouse.

As you can see from the picture, it has the advantage of small size, light weight, easy assembly and use. Users should choose different tillage knives based on different soil quality   The diesel engine mini cultivator tiller is applicable for the farming rotary, weeding ,cultivation, fertilization etc. Rotary tillage deeply is under 25 cm. Rotary tillage slope is less than 5°. Low consumption and high efficiency, it is your best choice

Uses/benefits of Power Tiller Ridger

1. Large-displacement vertical axis engine, three-stage air filter;
2. Planetary gear deceleration,full gear drive.High efficiency;
3. Oil bath automatic clutch, continuously variable transmission, simple operation, strong and durable;
4. The integral nodular iron gearbox has high strength and strong durability;
5. The handlebar can be adjusted to meet different processing requirement;
6. It can match with different farm implements to realize various functions—Tilling/ Weeding/ Ditching/ Ridging/Seeding/Spraying/Mulch laying,used in the filed Greenhouse/ Garden/ Paddy field/ Orchard/ Mountain/ Terraced field/ Tea field/ Vegetable field/ Strawberry field/

Features of Power Tiller Ridger

1. This machine is a newest and advanced rotary tiller with mid-range gear transmission system.

2. It is equipped with a 35 ~ 80HP tractor. After cultivating, the width is wider and the tractor wheel and rail are completely covered.

3. The seedbed ridger machine covers a series of 0.8 meters -1.2 meters.

4. The design is novel, the material is excellent, the reliability is strong, and the use is extensive.

5.We can choose vibration roller, deep pine plough tip, electric fertilizing mechanism, etc.


rated power(kw)43.546.3
engine typepetroldieseldieseldiesel
transmission waygeargeargeargear
tillage depth(mm)150150150150
working width(mm)1000100010501350
Packing size(mm)960*800*500960*800*500960*800*500960*800*500

Prices of Power Tiller Ridger:

$665.00 – $2,560.00

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