Praziquantel was tested against mature (17-day-old) and immature (7-day-old) Raillietina tetragona in experimentally infected chickens using single oral doses of 10, 7.5, 5, or 2.5 mg/kg body wt. The compound showed potent anticestodal activity, with 100% efficacy at 10, 7.5, and 5 mg/kg against immature worms and an efficacy of 100% 97.1%, and 95% against mature worms when given at 10, 5, and 2.5 mg/kg, respectively. Residual worms surviving drug treatment had less biomass than the controls. Praziquantel appears to be well tolerated by chickens, and treated birds showed no clinical reactions at any of the doses tested.

Praziquantel is an anthelmintic effective against trematodes (lung, liver, intestinal flukes) and tapeworms. Praziquantel is rapidly and nearly completely absorbed after oral administration, but there is a significant first-pass effect after oral administration. Storage/Stability: Unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer, praziquantel tablets should be stored in tight containers at room temperature. Protect from light.


Praziquantel is a non-FDA approved, off label treatment for tapeworms in chickens, therefore you’ll find is as a treatment for pigeons. It can only be administered orally. Praziquantel is not generally sold by itself, and often in combination with other worm medications like Oxfendazole or Pyrantel pamoate. Common Praziquantel containing medications include Wormer Deluxe Powder (which I have used with much success), Avioworm Powder, Mediworm Powder and Wormout Gel. It’s also sold as Droncit or Biltricide.

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Features of Praziquantel For Chickens

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  • Worm count tests: We recommend a worm count test is taken at the start of treatment and a subsequent worm count test after 21 days.
  • We carefully select herbs for our winning BiomeXity Original formula. What we exclude is just as important. For example, Wormwood. We don’t include Wormwood as Wormwood may cause harm during egg formulation..


To control tapeworms: 10-20 mg/kg given SQ, PO, or IM and repeat in 10 days.

To control trematodes: 10 mg/kg given SQ, PO, or IM once a day for 14 days.


DeliveryParasitesDose(against praziquantel-susceptible parasites)
OralTapeworms (general)10 mg/kg
OralRaillietinatetragona7.5-10 mg/kg

Prices of Praziquantel For Chickens

$23.99 – $55.33

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