The efficacy of combined treatment with praziquantel and artemether against infection with Schistosoma japonicum was tested on infected rabbits, in which 7-to 14-day-old schistosomules and 42-day-old adult schistosomes were simultaneously present. Rabbits were treated orally with praziquantel and artemether using various dosages and schedules. The therapeutic effects were evaluated by estimating the mean total worm burden (TWB) and female worm burden (FWB) and comparing them with the worm burdens in control animals treated with praziquantel or artemether alone

Drontal® (praziquantel/ pyrantel pamoate) tablets will remove Tapeworms (Dipylidium caninumTaenia taeniaeformis), Hookworms (Ancylostoma tubaeforme), and Large Roundworms (Toxocara cati) in cats and kittens. The presence of tapeworms is indicated by the observance of tapeworm segments passed in the cat’s feces. Tapeworm segments are white, pinkish-white or yellow-white in color and are similar in size and shape to flattened grains of rice. The segments are most frequently observed lying on a freshly passed stool. Segments may also be found on the hair around the anus of the animal or on the animal’s bedding. Cats become infected with tapeworms after eating fleas or small mammals (rabbits, mice) which may be infected with tapeworm larvae.


Praziquantel is well absorbed after oral administration and undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism, especially when it is given simultaneously with corticosteroids and anticonvulsants  Cimetidine significantly increases praziquantel serum concentrations by inhibiting its first-pass metabolism . The concurrent administration of cimetidine with praziquantel in neurocysticercosis allows simplification of the effective praziquantel regimen from 50 mg/kg/day for 2 weeks to a one-day regimen of three doses of 25 mg/kg at 2-hour intervals; this regimen increases the time over which the parasite is exposed to high drug concentrations and produces similar benefits, and also reduces the cost, length of treatment, and total dose used

Features of Praziquantel For Rabbits

Praziquantel is highly active against a broad spectrum of trematodes and cestodes, with the exception of Fasciola hepatica. It is the major drug used for treatment of schistosomiasis, including for community control programs for this disease. The drug is rapidly and reversibly taken up by flukes and tapeworms but not metabolized.

The mechanism of action of praziquantel is incompletely understood, but evidence from animal models  and study of the drug’s relative efficacy in schistosomiasis-naïve and endemic human populations indicates that a preformed antiparasitic antibody response is required for optimal activity. Praziquantel disrupts the parasite tegument, causing tetanic contractures with loss of adherence to host tissues and, ultimately, disintegration or expulsion. It also interferes with parasite metabolism, exposing concealed antigens in the parasite

Uses/benefits of Praziquantel For Rabbits

Piperazine, available at pet stores, will get rid of pinworms. You must deworm your rabbit once weekly for three weeks to eliminate both the mature and immature worms. Check the rabbit’s feces to ensure there is no sign of pinworms once treatment is finished.

Praziquantel can kill tapeworm and liver flukes, usually with one dose. Your bunny may experience temporary side effects, such as diarrhea or appetite loss, after receiving the medication. Call your vet if your rabbit doesn’t start eating or eliminating normally within a day or so.


Take tablets with water during meals. Do not chew or keep the tablets (or parts of tablets) in the mouth; the bitter taste may cause gagging or vomiting. To prevent choking in pediatric patients under 6 years of age, the tablets may be crushed or disintegrated and mixed with semi-solid food or liquid. Use crushed or disintegrated tablets within 1 hour of mixing.

Praziquantel 600 mg tablets have three scores which can be split into four segments at the scores. When broken, each of the four segments contains 150 mg of Praziquantel so that the dosage can be adjusted to the patient’s body weight. Segments are broken off by pressing the score (notch) with thumbnails. If one-quarter of a tablet is required, this is best achieved by breaking the segment from the outer end.

Dosage Forms and Strengths

Praziquantel tablets, USP contain 600 mg of Praziquantel, USP. The tablets are white to off white, film-coated, oblong tablet with three scores coded with “PAR” on one side “231” on the reverse side.

Prices of Praziquantel For Rabbits

$25.00 – $55.99

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