Pressure Compensating Drip Tape

Pressure compensating dripline delivers precise flows anywhere in the field. Undulating terrain, large fields with long rows (up to 50% longer, when compared to turbulent drip tape) receive exact amounts of water, from the first to the last dripper in the row. PC emitters deliver a precise amount of water regardless of changes in pressure due to long rows or changes in terrain. They can simplify the designing of a system and greatly reduce maintenance since they rarely get plugged. Inside the emitter is a flexible diaphragm that regulates the water flow and tends to flush particles from the system (self-flushing). The reason we offer different PC emitters is to accommodate a range of water pressure, price and functionality.

Drip Irrigation Pressure Compensating Emitters: Pressure Compensating Emitters (PC Emitters, or Drippers) deliver a consistent flow rate regardless of changes in pressure due to elevation changes.  Pressure compensating emitters are the right choice for situations requiring precise water flow for each emitter or plant.  These emitters are available with either 1/4″ barb fittings or self-piercing for easy installation into Drip Distribution lines.

Uses/benefits of Pressure Compensating Drip Tape:

  • Wide regulation pressure range from 6 to 36 psi.
  • Match the soil’s infiltration rates with a wide range of flows, tubing size, and dripper spacing.
  • Unique flap outlet technology prevents soil ingestion and root intrusion.
  • Anti-siphon mechanism blocks debris from entering dripline.
  • TurboNet technology for improved dripper performance with an expanded tooth flow path
  • Chemical resistant molded silicon, self-flushing, self-adjusting diaphragm provides constant pressure differential within the water passage resulting in a uniform flow rate under a wide pressure range and varying water quality.

Features of Pressure Compensating Drip Tape:

1.Pressure compensation: It provides uniform flow rate regardless of different pressure (0.8-3.0bar), so that uniform flow and accurate distribution of water and fertilizer are ensured.
2. Made from virgin Polypropylene (PP), chemical corrosion resistant, ultraviolet ray resistant and aging resistant.
3.Labyrinth and turbulent flow passageway ensures large water channel, and wide large cross section design of flow channel and self-flushing system improve clogging resistance.
4. It can be connected to arrow dripper with Dn5mm PVC soft pipe, or can be directly installed on Dn12-32mm LDPE pipe with the hole punch.
5. It can be installed flexibly according to different crop distance, widely used in plants of many years’ growth, such as trees and grapes.

6. With new type of labyrinth passages,scientific structure, and good quality of silicon diaphragm for high efficient pressure compensatting.

7.Self-flushing system with wide filtration area of inlet improves resistance to clogging for long life.

8.Emitter has the function of Anti-siphpon which can prevent the small varia into the channel of emitter,so this PC driptape can be used for SDI.

9.With superior CV and excellent uniformity for long length of laying run.

10.Produced by high quality material and advanced technology,better for anti-corrosion and anti-ageing.

Specification :

Product CodeDiameterWall
SpacingFlow Rate(L/H)Working Pressure(Bar)Roll Length

Prices of Pressure Compensating Drip Tape:

$8.95 – $399.00

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