Pressure Reducing Valve For Drip Irrigation

Pressure Reducing Valve For Drip Irrigation Lots of water pressure is great when you’re taking a shower or washing the dishes. But it’s not so great when it comes to drip irrigation. Pressure that is excessive can damage a drip irrigation system. Pressure regulators reduce incoming water pressure to a set pressure usable by a drip system. A pressure regulator is used when the incoming pressure is too high for the emitters or fittings. The flow rate of the regulator should be matched with the system. Pressure regulation does not take effect until the minimum specified flow passes through the regulator. If you’re looking for a pressure regulator, drip irrigation solutions are available here at Drip Works. To ensure the right rate of drip, pressure regulator choices include low-flow, medium-flow and high-flow. Whether you’re looking for a 1 1/2-inch drip irrigation pressure regulator or something else, we can help you find what you’re searching for.

Pressure regulators should be placed after valves or shutoffs. They may be damaged if left under constant pressure, unless stated otherwise in their product descriptions.These regulators can operate under constant pressure. This means that you can use a single pressure regulator for multiple zones. This regulator must be located after the filter, since it is designed to work with clean water. Preset pressure from 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 PSI and flow rates from 0.5- 18 GPM.

Uses/benefits of Pressure Reducing Valve For Drip Irrigation:

  • Ensure accurate and reliable drip system performance with this all-in-one faucet to drip irrigation connection kit. Connect your drip irrigation system to your water supply, keep out debris with a filter, maintain optimally low flow water pressure, and prevent dirt backflow all with a single pre-assembled unit.
  • Connect ½” tubing to any standard ¾” male outside faucet, hose bibb, spigot, garden hose or sprinkler manifold in seconds for an easy fit. Leakproof connector is compatible with any 1/2″ tubing sizes .520 to .620 ID (inner diameter) including Rain Bird and Dig.
  • Kit contains a drip irrigation backflow preventer, 150 mesh filter, top-quality Senninger 25 PSI pressure regulator valve, already put together and ready to use immediately.
  • Don’t settle for leaks and blowouts. Our durable assembly contains only the highest-quality parts to ensure properly functioning, precise and consistent pressure reduction and backflow prevention. Senninger 25 PSI pressure reducer is 100% water tested for accuracy and known worldwide for its reliable performance.
  • Save money and time buying everything you need at once. Jumpstart your drip irrigation installation with this set of essential components for building a maintenance-free drip system. Ideal for use with raised garden beds, residential, farm, greenhouse gardening and agricultural watering applications.

Features of Pressure Reducing Valve For Drip Irrigation:

  • Male pipe thread (MPT) inlet and outlet
  • Most models include a drain valve for flushing loose debris
  • The 2″ filters have a threaded cap instead of a drain valve
  • Includes durable stainless steel screen
  • Replacement screens in a variety of mesh sizes available
  • Maximum pressure: 110 PSI (Standard Amiad is 140 PSI)
  • Maximum flow: depends on the size of filter –

Specification of Pressure Reducing Valve For Drip Irrigation:

Part #Filter Size (MPT)MeshFlow (GPM)Filter Area (Sq. In.)
FAMCP1121 1/2″1556652
FAMCP1122001 1/2″2006652

Prices of Pressure Reducing Valve For Drip Irrigation:


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