Priaxor® is powered by BASF’s new active ingredient Xemium®, which is the first of its kind technology that not only counters stress but also provides advanced disease control for commonly occurring diseases in Cotton. Priaxor® has exceptional distribution in plants, ensuring faster and long lasting efficacy.

Priaxor Xemium Fungicide provides longest-lasting disease protection, post-infection disease control and Advanced Plant Health benefits. Priaxor Fungicide is designed to protect a number of crops from a large variety of fungi, delivering higher-quality crops and higher potential yields.

Ues/benefits of Priaxor Fungicide:

  • Intelligent technology that allows for deeper reach in the plants to relieve stress, control hidden fungi and diseases
  • Forms depots on the leaf and continuously supplies Xemium®, resulting in long lasting efficacy
  • Ensures that plants are healthier, stress and disease-free
  • Leads to higher crop yields & quality with more fruiting branches, better square and boll retention
  • Long-lasting disease protection
  • Consistent performance
  • Targets a wide variety of diseases

Features of Priaxor Fungicide

  • Leads to higher crop yields & better quality
  • Plants are healthier, stress & disease-free
  • Results in long lasting efficacy
  • Forms depots on the leaf & supplies Xemium
  • Allows for deeper reach in the plants

How Priaxor Fungicide Works

Priaxor fungicide features the most advanced chemistry ever developed for a range of crops including soybeans, wheat, potatoes and tomatoes. It is powered by Xemium® fungicide, an active ingredient that continuously distributes its unique chemistry throughout the leaf to help deliver the ultimate in longest-lasting disease protection. Priaxor fungicide is a combination of this advanced chemistry and F500®, the same active ingredient as in Headline® fungicide. This delivers more consistent performance and Advanced Plant Health benefits.

Product Specification

Packaging Size360 ml, 500 ml
Packaging TypeBottle
Technical NameFluxapyroxad 167 g/L + Pyraclostrobin 333 g/L SC
Cas NumberPyraclostrobin – 175013-18-0;
Fluxapyroxad – 907204-31-3
CropCotton, Groundnut, Soybean
Disease nameAlternaria Leaf Blight, Tikka, Frog Eye Leaf Spot
Dosage120 ml/acre

Prices of Priaxor Fungicide

 $495.00 – $1,249.95

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