10 pcs Weedless Treble Hook Fishing Hook Set



The 10 pcs Weedless Treble Hook Fishing⁣ Hook Set is a set of fishing‌ hooks designed to prevent snagging on weeds and ⁢plants underwater. The hooks feature ​a sharp and durable design, perfect for catching a variety of fish species.

Key Features:

1. Made of High⁣ Carbon Steel
2. Available in‌ sizes 1/0#, 2#,​ and ⁢4#
3. Package includes 10‌ pieces⁣ of hooks
4. Very sharp hooks – handle with care
5. Suitable ‍for both fresh water and salt water fishing
6. Comes in ‌a durable box for easy storage and carrying
7. Sharpness: Very sharp, handle with care


– Ideal for fishing lovers
– Suitable for fresh water and salt water fishing
– Great for increasing chances ⁢of catching more fish
– Perfect gift for fishermen on occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, ⁣etc.


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