100 Pcs Multi-Purpose Barbless Fishing Hooks



The⁤ “100 Pcs Multi-Purpose Barbless Fishing Hooks” is a set of barbless fishing hooks suitable for various fishing techniques. ‌Made of high-quality carbon steel, these hooks⁢ are durable and sharp, making them perfect for freshwater‍ and saltwater fishing. The pack includes 100 hooks in different sizes to meet different fishing needs.

Key Features:

– Package includes 100 fishing hooks
– Various sizes ⁣and types ⁤of hooks included
-⁤ Made of durable carbon steel
– Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing
– Perforated ‌hooks for easier line tying


– Material: Carbon steel
– Color: ⁣Silver
– ⁤Sizes range from 7 x 11.2 cm to 15 x 20.2 cm
– Weight reference for fishing: 1-9 KG
– Suitable for⁢ various types of fish including pike, salmon, bass, and‍ more


– Great for ⁣fishing enthusiasts and lovers of fishing baits
-⁢ Ideal for catching a variety of fish​ in both saltwater and freshwater environments
– The unique design ‌of⁣ the hooks increases the chance of catching​ fish
-⁢ Easy ‍to use and convenient for tying lines


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