(10pcs) Weedless Wacky Worm Rig Hooks



The (10pcs) Weedless Wacky Worm Rig Hooks‌ are designed for wacky worm fishing techniques,⁣ featuring a weedless design to prevent snagging. These stainless steel hooks come in a pack of 10 and are durable and sharp for reliable hook sets. Ideal for catching bass and other freshwater fish.

Key Features:

– SEAWOL Top Float
– O’Shaughnessy ⁣Forged​ Hook Rig
– Wacky weedless hooks
– Robust and ​durable stainless steel hooks
– Designed ​for Senko Worms, ⁢Finesse Worms, and other bass fishing baits
-​ Steel wire guard to⁢ prevent hook from getting stuck


– Available in 10/30pcs weedless⁤ hooks
– Sizes: 1/0, 1#, 2#, 4#


– Ideal for surf ‍fishing
– Suitable for fishing in‌ weeded⁣ areas, docks, mangrove ‍roots,⁣ and seagrass
– Designed for a stable⁣ hook ⁣and improved⁤ hooking⁣ rate


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