120Pcs 90° Barbarian Jig Hooks Set

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The 120Pcs 90° Barbarian Jig Hooks Set is a premium assortment of fishing hooks designed for jigging applications. These ‌high-quality hooks are made of durable materials and feature a ⁤sharp 90° bend for effectively ⁢hooking fish. ​Perfect for⁢ anglers looking to upgrade their tackle box with reliable hooks.
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Key‌ Features:

1. 120pcs Hook Kit with different sizes
2. Made of ​high carbon steel material
3. Barbarian Jig Hook design with 90 degree eye shank
4. Suitable​ for freshwater and⁤ saltwater ⁣fishing
5. Unique design with ringed ‍eye, special barb, and triangle bend
6. Sharp and durable hooks with V shape for​ better hooking


– Material: High​ carbon steel
– Sizes: 1#, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0
– Design: Barbarian Jig Hook with ringed eye
– Quantity: 120 pieces


– Ideal for bass fishing, fly fishing, live bait, and more
– Suitable for catching⁢ a variety of fish in freshwater and‍ saltwater
– Care should be taken when handling‍ sharp hooks
-‌ Hooks prevent fish from escaping easily with V shape design


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