120Pcs Heavy Duty Shade Cloth Clips for Outdoor Garden

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The⁤ 120Pcs ⁤Heavy Duty‍ Shade‌ Cloth Clips ​are essential for⁤ securing ‌shade cloths in⁤ outdoor gardens. ⁢These clips are made of durable plastic material,⁣ ensuring ⁤long-lasting use. With ⁣a sturdy grip, they can easily attach to various surfaces to keep shade ‍cloths in ⁢place, ⁣providing ‌reliable shade and protection.

Key Features:

– Made of plastic material for long-lasting durability
– Easy to install⁣ and use
– Suitable⁣ for ⁢holding parasols, shade ⁢nets, heat insulation nets,⁤ bird protection nets, garden plant nets, and agricultural nets
– Comes in⁤ a pack of 120 pieces


– Open size: 4.1 inches
– Closed⁤ size: 1.92 inches


– Used to hold parasols in place and protect plants from wind, ultraviolet rays, and birds
– Can be used in gardens, farms, and other outdoor spaces for‍ plant protection


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