13-0-10 Pre-Emergent Fertilizer – Prevents Crabgrass & Weeds (25 lbs.)

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The 13-0-10 Pre-Emergent Fertilizer is a 25​ lb. package that effectively prevents the growth of crabgrass and weeds in lawns and⁢ gardens. With⁢ a‍ formulation​ of 13% ⁣nitrogen, 0% phosphorus, and 10% potassium, this product promotes healthy plant growth while inhibiting unwanted weed growth.

Key Features:

– 13-0-10 Pre-emergent Lawn Fertilizer‍ with 0.29% prodiamine and⁤ 50% slow-release nitrogen
– ‌Designed for use on a variety of grasses,‍ including Tall Fescue, Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Centipede lawns
– ‍Balanced NPK ratio for healthy ⁣and vigorous​ growth of grass
– Contains extra potassium for lawn strength and disease protection
– Effective ⁤against a wide range of annual grassy⁢ and broadleaf ⁤weeds
– Slow-release nitrogen ‍for longer-lasting green color and​ improved stress tolerance
– Easy to apply and fast-acting formula for​ quick ‍results
– Environmentally friendly with reduced ⁢risk of nutrient runoff and leaching


– Item ‌Weight: 25 Pounds
– Date First Available: December 18, 2023
– Manufacturer: turf care supply
– Country of Origin: USA


– Prevents Crabgrass ‍and ‍other weeds from⁢ taking over ⁢your lawn
– Provides a⁣ nice⁤ green​ up with 50%⁢ Slow-Release XCU Technology to prevent ⁢thatch build-up
– 25lbs covers up to 7,000‍ sqft
– Recommended 2 ⁣applications on cool season ​lawns ⁤in spring,‌ 1⁣ application in fall on warm​ season lawns, and 1 application in spring.


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