14.3 MEC Propiconazole Fungicide (32 OZ) with Pramaxis MEC Growth Regulator (1 Gallon)

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The 14.3 ⁣MEC ​Propiconazole‌ Fungicide (32 oz) with Pramaxis MEC Growth‌ Regulator (1 gallon)‍ is a powerful solution for controlling and preventing fungal diseases ​in plants. It contains Propiconazole for fungicidal action​ and ⁢Pramaxis for growth regulation, providing comprehensive protection for your crops.

Key Features:

1. ‌Gunner 14.3 MEC ⁢Fungicide⁢ for excellent control ⁣and prevention of over 20 ⁢harmful turf diseases
2. Contains 14.3% propiconazole ​for ‌broad-spectrum disease prevention
3. Controls⁣ powdery ​mildews, ‌rusts, leafspots, scabs, and blights on ornamentals and landscape plantings
4. Pramaxis MEC promotes stress tolerance and growth management​ of turfgrasses
5. Fast-acting ⁣and long-lasting protection for⁤ up to 28 ‌days
6. Not available for sale​ in Alaska or Hawaii

Technical Specifications:

– Active Ingredients: ‍14.3% propiconazole, 11.3% trinexapac-ethyl
– Date First Available: May 9, 2024
– ASIN: B0D3S884MK


– Apply before disease development to maintain healthy turf
– Use in⁢ preventative disease⁤ programs for best results
– Follow label instructions for application intervals and target diseases
– Combine with cultural practices for enhanced stress tolerance and growth⁢ management
-⁢ Suitable for use on turfgrasses, ornamentals, and landscape plantings


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