16 oz Bonide Rose Shield Spray for Roses and Flowers


BONIDE Rose ⁤Shield ‌is‍ a‍ versatile pest⁢ control product that⁣ provides comprehensive protection against insects⁤ and diseases for various plants in your ⁢garden.


The⁢ 16 oz Bonide Rose ​Shield Spray is a specially⁤ formulated solution for protecting roses and flowers from diseases and pests. It provides systemic protection and prevents powdery mildew, black spot, rust, and more.⁣ The spray can ‍be applied every 7-10 days for best results.

Key Features:

1. Acts as both an insecticide​ and contact & ⁤systemic fungicide
2. Triple action pest ⁤control with contact and systemic insect control and systemic disease control
3. Controls a ​variety​ of insects and diseases
4. Can be used on roses, flower ​beds, and landscape plants
5. Insect control lasts 30 days, disease control requires reapplication every 7-14 days
6. Becomes waterproof within 60⁢ minutes of application

Technical Specifications:

– Active Ingredients: Thiamethoxam and Difenoconazole
-‍ Application: Spray on affected plants
– Duration of Effectiveness: 30‍ days for insect ⁢control
– Waterproof: Yes, within 60 minutes of application


– Suitable for use⁢ on roses, flowers,‍ landscaped plants, ⁣trees, shrubs, and ground covers
– Effective against ants, aphids, leafminers, spider​ mites, black spot, ‍powdery mildew,‌ rust, scab, and leaf spot diseases



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