180pcs Treble Hooks Set for Bass Fishing Tackle



The ‍180pcs Treble Hooks Set for Bass Fishing Tackle is a‍ comprehensive collection of high-quality treble hooks in varying sizes for bass fishing. Made of ⁤durable carbon ⁢steel, these hooks feature sharp barbs for secure baiting and are ideal for catching bass ‍in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Key Features:

– 180pcs/Box of Treble Fishing Hooks
– Sharp Round Bend Triple Hook
– ⁢Barbed Fishhooks with Split Rings Set
– Made of High Carbon Steel Hook and Stainless Steel Split Ring
– Black Treble Hook and Silver Split Ring
– Comes in a Plastic Box for Easy Storage and Carry
-⁤ Different Sizes Available for More Choices
– Anti-Corrosion, Suitable ⁤for Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing


– Material: High Carbon Steel Hook, Stainless‍ Steel Split Ring
– Color:⁢ Black (hook), Silver (split ⁤ring)
– Package: Plastic box
– Quantity: 180pcs


-‌ Ideal gift⁢ for fishing lovers
– Suitable for bass fishing tackle
– Simple and practical design for reliability, durability, and⁤ strength
– Easy to ⁢carry with the plastic box packaging
– Can be used in both saltwater and⁣ freshwater fishing


– ​Please ​check the size before buying
– Due to manual measurement, an‌ error of 0-2mm ‌may occur
– Monitor settings may⁣ cause‍ slight color differences
– Contact seller ⁤for⁢ any product-related issues


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