19-19-19 Wildlife Plot Fertilizer – Deer, Turkey, Game – 5lbs



The 19-19-19 ⁤Wildlife Plot Fertilizer is​ a‌ 5lb bag designed specifically for ‍deer, turkey, and‌ other⁢ game. It features a balanced nutrient ratio of 19-19-19 to⁢ promote healthy plant growth and attract wildlife to your ⁤plot.

Key Features:

– Multi-purpose 19-19-19 Wildlife Plot Fertilizer
– Balanced blend of ‌Nitrogen, Phosphorus,​ and Potassium
– ‍Promotes healthy growth in plants
– Suitable for wildlife plots, gardens, and lawns
– Easy to ⁢apply granular form
– Eco-friendly and reduces nutrient runoff
– Attracts ‌deer, turkey, and other game to wildlife plots
– Ideal for novice ⁢and experienced gardeners


– Item Weight: 5 pounds
– Date First Available: January 17, 2024
– Manufacturer: Old Cobblers Farm
– Country of ⁤Origin: USA


– Enhance wildlife‌ activity on your property
– Improve the ⁢health and⁣ appearance of your garden‌ or lawn
– Provide essential nutrients to plants ​in a sustainable‍ way
– Create an attractive and nutritious food source for game wildlife throughout the ​seasons


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