2.7lb Lava Rocks Bonsai Succulent Cactus Potting Mix



The 2.7lb Lava Rocks Bonsai Succulent⁤ Cactus Potting Mix is a specialized blend designed‍ for⁤ optimal drainage and aeration for succulents and⁢ cacti. ⁤The lava rocks provide a porous texture that promotes healthy root growth and prevents waterlogged soil. Ideal ​for potting and repotting ⁢these types of plants.


Aquariums: The coarse silica sand and natural⁢ river rocks are perfect‍ for aquariums. They help⁤ absorb impurities and keep the water clean, creating a healthy environment for your fish.

Hydroponics: The hydroponic​ clay pebbles are ideal for hydroponic systems.​ They provide excellent drainage and aeration for plant roots, promoting healthy growth.

Decorative Top Dressing: The black lava pebbles and white rocks make ‌great decorative top dressing⁤ for plants,⁤ bonsai trees, and succulents. They add a touch of elegance and style ‌to your⁣ garden or indoor space.


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