2 Person Emergency Survival Shelter with Whistle & Paracord

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The 2 Person Emergency Survival Shelter‍ with​ Whistle & Paracord is a compact ​and lightweight shelter designed for⁤ outdoor emergencies. It is made of durable ‍materials and ⁣includes a whistle for signaling and paracord for additional utility. The shelter can accommodate up to two people.

Attributes Description
Compact Emergency Shelter Weatherproof ​2-person tent​ made from tear and puncture-resistant PET mylar with an interior that reflects 90% of body heat. Ideal for camping, hiking, or a car‌ survival kit
Waterproof and ‍Windproof Emergency storm shelter that weighs 8.7oz and packs down fast. Allows you to escape the elements and winter weather without weighing you down.
Quick Set-Up Thermal emergency tube tent that sets up fast between trees. Can be used as an emergency sleeping bag,​ blanket, bivvy bag, or bivvy ‍sack.
Go Time Gear Has Your Back‍ Essential, reliable piece of equipment for hiking gear, earthquake kit, survival pack, or ‌bug out bag. Satisfaction guaranteed.
120 Decibel Whistle and 20FT Paracord Included Life Tent includes a 120-decibel whistle to alert rescuers‍ up to 1-mile away. 550lb nylon core ‍Para-Synch drawstring included for‍ tying down or repairing gear.



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