2 Quart Peace Lily Soil Mix for Planting and Repotting

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The 2 Quart ⁢Peace Lily Soil ⁢Mix is specially formulated‌ for planting and repotting peace lilies. The mix is comprised of a blend of premium potting soil, peat moss, perlite, and fertilizer to provide the ideal growing environment for peace lilies, promoting healthy root development and vibrant blooms.

Key​ Features:

– Specifically formulated for peace lilies
– All-natural ‌ingredients with no chemicals or artificial​ fertilizers
– Provides nutrient retention, aeration to roots,⁢ pH balance, and organic matter
– Hand-blended in Kentucky
– Contains ⁢pine bark, peat moss, perlite, ⁤sand, and lime


– Size: 2 quarts
– Ideal for three 5-inch pots or 2 ‍6-inch pots
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor container gardening


– ⁣Perfect for growing and maintaining healthy peace lilies
-‌ Provides an optimal growing​ environment for peace lilies
– Can thrive ⁢in low-light ‍spaces ⁤and‌ tolerate ​fluorescent lights


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